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    Running rough after a jump start

    Agreed. Theres really no good reason to start a car and rev it at standstill other than to charge the battery, and there's much better/easier ways to do that. A car sitting for 2 weeks or 2 months is not much of a difference (other than to the tires), and there's ways around that also.
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    Viper Mechanic

    exactly! I don't even trust recommended/experienced shops with anything to assume they know it. Been screwed too many times.
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    Viper Mechanic

    i generally agree, but if there's nothing reasonably close....any good shop (i understand good is relative) can do most things on a viper. They're very simple cars. I wouldn't hesitate to use a shop I trusted that may not be viper specific for most things. with that said, I'd also do all my...
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    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    alternator should be fine, no reason to touch it unless its not working. Whenever you replace or rebuild the waterpump that will take care of that one.
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    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    sounds almost (and looks almost) exactly like mine. I did most of those as soon as I got it and the rest within 6 months or so. It's just a good peace of mind. Havik should have water pumps. I'd say skip slotted rotors as well. no need, just more likely to crack. I think i got centrix or...
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    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    Mine felt great (red 99 with 12k miles and all original parts including spark plugs lol) as felt even better when i changed all that. Even better once i replaced the old shocks. Unless youre pushing really hard or tracking, just go with new aftermarket (oem style) rotors and "better"...
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    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    Congrats! You'll want to change those ignition parts out even if they look like they're in good shape and date code correct. Looks like a perfect car.
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    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    i'd pay 20k NOT to have a B/W car lol But that's just me.
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    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    looks solid, decent deal at high 50s low 60s. Not sure why everyone has issues with brakes on gen 2s. They are just fine for the street. Aside from not having ABS, they have no issue stopping the car with new rotors and good pads.
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    Gen 2 radiator isolator bushings

    awesome thank about to do this. also free shipping on them from amazon
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    Rock Auto Closeout

    Maybe the hose clamps
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    Oil leak driver side front of engine

    theyre a bit of a the bumper needs to come off. If you replace them, add some shielding (rubber cover) to prevent them from rubbing the frame
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    Oil leak driver side front of engine

    mine was oil lines. But usually when they leak there's a lot of oil. Might be worth checking tho.
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    Need new tires for 1996 GTS

    Call JonB. That aside, for typical street driving any of those will do just fine. If youre reaching the handling limits of the tires on the street trying to get that last 2% in performance, youre probably driving too fast anyway. Michelin being the best, Conti and Pzero are probably similar...
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    Can we verify sequence of 1992 Vipers?

    Unless you have Viper #1 (or maybe the first 5-10 even, or the last of a production run)....#207 is meaningless even if it was accurate. The year, early production and 3300 miles and everything else matter way more than whatever number way after the first. I wouldn't even sweat it.
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    Gen 1 Drone

    stock cats also clog and catch fire. It's go with high flow cats and corsa. Pretty sure corsa is the least drone available. If you dont care about smell then you can do spirals in place of the cats.
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    Looking at a 94 with some issues. Need opinions.

    if it has headlights and a decent drivetrain, that's about 20k in parts, so you cant really go wrong. If it drives well, is straight...seems ok to me depending on what you want.
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    Rubber Padding ?? on Front Bumper Inside Cowl ??

    if you can hear the front bumper rattling in that area bc of one push pin....there's something wrong with your viper ;) Not sure I'd hear it if my entire bumper fell off
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    Rubber Padding ?? on Front Bumper Inside Cowl ??

    Is there a push pin in that location? if so, they prob lost it? if not, they were probably trying to "fix" the typical bumper sag
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    Questionalbe antifreeze leak

    At 35 degrees, its probably spilling out of your overflow in the passenger side bumper. Also, that's probably not great for engine starts on a hill that steep. Can we get a pictures of this driveway? Sounds interesting
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    Sketchy freeway driving

    Big tire problems.
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    94 low miles - knocking sound turning off engine

    Doesnt sound like knock. You should be able to hear it when running if you get in there close, if it was.
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    Supercharger for sale

    HUGEly long time ago
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    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    Any decent seller should not be afraid of a PPI, especially a dealer (and especially if you put a deposit down).
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    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    Looks good to me (not evaluating the price, that's a personal decision). Is there something youre seeing that youre worried about? Low mile, 20+ year old cars will likely need the usualy maintenance, although this does look like it was pretty well maintained. I picked up an all original 12k...