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    Intermittent Fogs and horn

    The horn, fogs and hood switch all split together and go to 1 body ground.
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    18" Oz Racing wheels with Toyo R-888s

    I saw your posts on the alley, too bad you are in CA. Only if they could hitch a ride with someone headed east.
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    Gen1 fuel filler to tank gasket installation

    Silicone spray. Don't use anything petroleum based on rubber parts.
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    Intermittent Fogs and horn

    Trace the ground from one of the fogs or better from the horns or the hood switch. They all connect together at a split before going to the same ground. The split and ground points are the same for the horn. That is why they both either work or they don't.
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    Intermittent Fogs and horn

    There are 2 relays that control the fogs. If the light on the dash for the fogs remains on but the fogs are not working, it is not the relays. You have wiring issues and bumps usually point to that direction.
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    Looking for ACR Parts

    Why rear calipers? You won't be able to use them unless you get new knuckles.
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    Headlight Lens

    @TLites exactly but I got some ideas but the CAD files aren't being shared because it cost them money to make them and I didn't have time before to get a headlight to evaluate.
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    Running rough after a jump start

    All I'm going to say is that there is a reason why people fog engines. There are other ways to do that now not to kill the cat.
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    Headlight Lens

    You guy's would be surprised how far 3D printing has come. The guy who is doing the stanchions tried the lens back 2,3 years ago. The mold was too expensive and that was with talks with Chinese manufacturers.
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    Gen 3 Floor Mats-Black

    I would have thought they were gone. Too bad they are not gen2
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    2008 SRT-10 Coupe - 10 Second Quarter Mile Passes

    Someone taught him and he taught you. Losing is losing but as long as no money was bet you move on to the next race and see if you can make your car better without major changes (i.e. $$$).
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    Gen 3 Mopar Camshaft or standard?

    The lobes look interesting.
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    Radiator fan upgrade.

    Yes people have switched to a later Gen2 fan. Some rewired a separate relay from the fuse box because of some boxes has 'melted' at the relay.
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    Help! Gen 1 engine coolant leak

    Good to oreillyauto and loan a tool the rad pressure tester. But open it there and look at it. Once I borrow it got it home and some ****** broke the hose at the fitting (a weak spot in the design) and never told the guys when they returned. Pump it up 17-20psi and let it sit and check it...
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    Gen1 hard door windows

    If you sold them long time ago, how are you reselling them again??
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    Viper Dana Super 44 Rebuild (How-to) - Gen 3/4/5 (2003-2017)

    Aaaa, the metric system something that has eluded Americans from the beginning of time.:) @MoparMap pictures of the Dart when you can, engine bay and all. Sorry to hijack the thread with a Dart pictures but there isn't a subforum for 'other' cars.
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    Stock Amplifier question on 06 SRT

    Was told it is an optional connect for a ******* drop switch since it is a Gen3. Us Gen2 guys did not need one. edit: even p anties was ****. this PC think is out of hand.
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    Stock Amplifier question on 06 SRT

    Other than the standard sites ebay, etc. If I had a pdf version I would have answered your question already but I could forward you a copy too. Maybe Mikey @99RT10GTS has a paper one.
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    John Reed Racing MoteC for Gen 2 Twin Turbo

    Calvo has a complete system like that.
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    92 model

    At $20k yes but I wouldn't part it out since it is clean car.
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    Stock Amplifier question on 06 SRT

    Do you have a service manual?
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    Viper Mechanic

    Common failure point because of the 'paper' gasket. Aftermarket sell better gaskets check around now a days. One vendor (Dan) here sales a sets.
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    GTS Dipstick: need Distance from FULL mark to top of dipstick tube

    Dipsticks and how about we switch to lugnuts now.
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    GTS Dipstick: need Distance from FULL mark to top of dipstick tube
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    Driver window

    That picture is of the connector that is coming from the window regulator? Go to the wiring harness that that plugs into. That will have the wiring colors listed above. That is an intermediate jumper connector and not listed in the service manual plus the motor could have been replaced...

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