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    Pics of the new wheels....

    Nice new look! One of the cleanest cars I've ever worked on, and a first class owner! JonB Lowering Caps would balance it off even better :2tu: Best regards, Doug
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    Dan Cragin - Best Viper Tech.!!! ... My 2000 Viper with 106,000 miles

    Your post is a testament on how rewarding these cars can be by having an awesome tech like Dan and making your Viper ownership a whole lot more enjoyable. Good luck with your next Viper ownership! Best regards, Doug
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    Viper Help Needed- Cedar Park, Ausin Tx.

    Hello, Anyone near Cedar Park, Austin Tx, area that is an experienced Viper mechanic. I have a really nice Viper owner that needs help with his Viper regarding the radio and accessory power. It seems to keep cutting on/off and he's driving on a loooong trip tomorrow. Any help asap would be...
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    Viper Ignition Coil

    They are the same for BOTH years.
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    Fuel Pump Fuse or Relay - Help Please

    DrumrBoy, If you would like PM me (or email [email protected]) your number and I WILL call you today /Sunday. Best regards, Doug
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    Where to find a 96 RT-10 Dash? Anybody have one or know where to get one?

    I don't know of any (no longer available) new '95 dash caps available for sale today unless somebody is hoarding one ..... hence, the reason we all are painting them.
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    Wheel hop after new wheels and tires.... Help!!!

    Wheel hop is very bad and you will break parts - start with 29psi cold and work from there.
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    Sagging Top

    Not sure what type of composite but it needs to be heated quite a bit to soften it up to bend. Make sure you don't put any pressure on either end of the side rails... they will break. You are very welcome and I wish you the best of luck! Regards, Doug
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    2004 engine swap for a 2006

    I've done several of them- depending on the year you may (or may not) have to extend the factory crankshaft position sensor wire. You can extend your factory harness, just not the sensor wire. Should be straight forward. Regards, Doug
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    Sagging Top

    Mr. mtmclaughlin, Unfortunately, you cannot reinforce the older tops- it will bend at another area that has not been supported. I was already doing this 20+ years ago. You can however, straighten the warped top. We used to use a jig to perform this procedure by heating the warped top and...
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    Sagging Top

    The '02 Soft Top is made of a better composite therefore you would not experience the same problem as the '94. Regards
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    Sagging Top

    Unfortunately, this is inherent of the Soft Tops back in 1994. The composite was too soft and the rails and other related components would bend or bow. They were NOT designed to stay on the car and must be removed and folded immediately after use. Best regards, Doug
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    Thinking of selling my 2000 RT/10 104,800 miles... whats a good price?

    19 - 23K is a fair price, especially on a trade-in you receive the tax credit.
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    Looking for Fuel Pump Relay for 1998 Viper

    Hello Bryan, They are no longer available. But here's what you can do; Just use any standard name brand relay. You only need a 4 prong, NOT a 5 prong. The center prong is unused. Just trim pin #86 with a wire stripper to match the small prong on the old relay. You're Done! It's that simple...
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    Gen I Electric Fan not working, Any tips or ideas appreciated.

    Dear Ed, I already see part of your problem and it's not where you are looking. If you have some free time to call me today I'll walk you though it. No strings attached of course! Best regards, Doug Levin / 954-9DLM (9356).
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    High rise blower for a 1999 Viper.

    8-71 is where the fun would begin. You would also need ample hood clearance (probably a large hole in the hood), custom intake, fuel/ignition system and a billet crank to run the cog drive. A lot of custom work but it could be achieved at a price. Best of Luck! Doug
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    Trading a 94 RT10 for 96 GTS need help with what is fair

    I can't really offer you a specific retail price for a GEN I Viper - Perhaps for a low mile Gen I around $25K - $32K. Too many are for sale with 'asking prices' so it's hard to say what they are actually being sold for. Mileage does affect the GTS prices although the prices for GEN II Vipers...
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    official repair manual for 2008 viper

    Please PM me regarding the CD - thanks! Doug
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    Trading a 94 RT10 for 96 GTS need help with what is fair

    As much as you consider to be a fair 'trade-in' price for your car I think you're going to be very disappointed. My best guess for a trade-in offer from a dealer for your car will probably be around $18k - $23k (I'm not implying that's all your car is worth but on a trade you may take a big...
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    Power Steering High Pressure Line Quick Disconnect Leak

    We have the ability here to replace just the leaking fitting on the existing hose. We charge our customers $129.00 which includes the new quick connect fitting -- one end only. Regards, Doug
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    A/C is warm on my 99.

    If you don't have an evacuation pump then you should leave it up to a trained AC technician. After verifying and repairing the leak you should replace the drier, evacuate the system and then recharge. Just letting the freon drain w/o evacuating the system is a waste of efforts -- it allows...
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    A/C is warm on my 99.

    Charge it with dye tracer and trace the leak. Yes, you can tighten the valve although there's more to it than just that. The seals are probably bad -- very typical for Gen II Vipers. Regards, Doug
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    A/C is warm on my 99.

    For now: Charge it with freon and dye tracer. Eventually you will need to find the leak and the dye will assist you with that. Best of luck, Doug
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    One Thing I've Learned to Leave Alone Is...

    Actually, you can wipe the dash very carefully; I use a fine Unicorn hair brush and wipe in a wax-on / wax-off motion. Doug