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    Paint correction

    Does anyone have any experience with paint correction and wet sanding on the Gen 3 GTS Blue Viper with white stripes? I experienced an unfortunate incident where a caustic substance like brake fluid or something spurted onto my hood and bubbled the ceramic coating on a section of my hood while...
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    Any Hellcat Owners?

    Hello, I had a 2016 Hellcat for 3 years before switching to a 2018 Trackhawk last spring and now adding a 2006 Viper. I have a 1973 Challenger 440 6 Pack 4 speed too. Love them all!
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    Potential New GEN3 Owner?

    Hello, Colorado here, I just bought a Blue Gen 3 Coupe about a month ago and am loving it. So far, a couple of car shows and cruises in it while getting used to it. I have owned a Hellcat and currently a Trackhawk also so am accustomed to the horsepower. My Viper has the Paxton Novi 2000...