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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    well if the Le Mans race is out.....i guess that blows the idea of the coupe first for racing in terms of intoducing the new model as a coupe first. either just coincidence or economics, just in IMHO the drop top should have come first in the gen V as it has w/ every other gerneration...
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    not that the flavor of of the viper has been lost it has just strayed from the original formula. With urging from media and even the viper nation to add conviences and updrade interiors cup holder.......oh ya and add a top (from toupe......real drop top) and air conditioning...
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    For me i will agree with the group that besides the drop top part, that the price was/is the biggest issue w/ sales numbers being low. The Viper used to be the car that even a guy working on the assembly line could buy if he really set his mind to it. Viper was(is?) the everymans supercar...
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    every new viper model for 22 model years up until the current one, an open top version was the first to be debuted with the racing program being the reason to do the coupe first. In hind sight i am not sure this was a good idea. in addition to that all three i have owned were open top cars...
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    new ACRX, gen3 and 4 parts for sale

    acrx rotors /hats ? new used? price?
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    the corvette is the "everymans" sports car and one of the few very high performance cars that can be a daily driver without making yourself crazy. it is also one of the best values for a sports car in the world. i do know from personal experience with the 3 different vipers i have owned that...
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    you certianlly have more mone to market specific models, when you have 3X,XXX+ to spead out the marketing budget over vs. 1,000-3000 units. But that does not keep them from putting the cars in other ads for the same brand to help creat that halo effect. but truth be told that the gen V...
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    not just the story for the gen V the viper has always been under (UN )utilized as a "halo" car!!
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    not interested till the top goes down! Oh and by the way the gen V is the first time ever the viper debuted a new model as a hardtop before the roadster/conv. i am sure to get the car onto the track sooner but plenty of people like their cars topless. and till the price settles or for that...
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    paint issues--please help

    paint used to be done at ASC, i think Prefix may be doing all viper paint now, or at least stipes. No paint work is done at CAAP. whole panels go on or get sent back to supplier/contractor. Lemon laws in states differ, number of days in servic, number of times attempted to fix same...
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    SRT Viper with C7 Corvette

    I feel like the folded paper, sharp edges of the new corvette may not hold up well over time IMHO, like many other cars of the past. Even cadillac has softened up their sharp edges, the xlr was a fine car but as sexy as a door stop and doesn't hold up as well as corvettes of the same years(from...
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    No More Factory Deliveries!

    been lucky enought to do factory delivery three times!! i did it for my '01, '02, '03, a great experience, i only live 25-30 min from CAAP. I actually went down there a few times while each of my cars was being built and took pics of my car going down the line the days prior to it being...
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    ZF 8HP90

    i am speaking from a pure performance standpoint, and for semi-reg track use
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    ZF 8HP90

    most current and older torque convertor type even if they have a paddle/button shift(ala current corvette) are not efficient and have big losses to the rear wheels. the early f1 units ferrari put in were a hydo/pnuematic clucth with quick but not the fast shifts of the current ferrari or...
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    Any Pictures of Billet Silver Gen5's Yet

    i have a billet silver Wrangler Sahara Unlimited, to replace my bright silver Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. I really like the color a lot more, and wish my SRT-10 was that color. i had an 02 RT in graphite grey which i thought was my favorite Viper color that is probably going to change...
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    New arrival!

    FYI Tim has been baller.......congrats on the gen V you get sell off anydthing or are you going to?
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    Well done SRT and Ralph.....well done!!
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    Any guesses when Gen V wheels will be purchasable?

    i had priced the original SRT polished wheels, because i needed a replacement and the rear with a 10% discount was approx $2700ea for a rear. like i said buying new from a mopar parts counter, those same wheels as take offs were like $1500. i
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    Any guesses when Gen V wheels will be purchasable?

    i will just take a guess from past mopar prices that the rears will $3,000 ea give or take and the fronts will be north of $2,600 ea retail.....wait for a set of take offs and let some time pass and you will get a better deal because at $11,000+ just not worth it. and thats not to diminish...
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    I may have outdone myself! GTSR CONVERTIBLE!!!

    probably got too close to what the car was going to look like and big brother got him
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    Hard Top vs Soft Top Convertible Gen V ??? Poll!

    HT conv if the weight penalty isnt too high and that the trunck is still functional
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    New PS of Srt "Vert"

    not a big fan of the speedster bump/fairings
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    New Viper is huge letdown

    I was behind a yellow one on the road lastnight and it was beautiful!!!
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    Oh for god sakes

    under rating engines is not a new thing, done in the 60's to thwart high insurance rates and more recently to make sure the auto maker doesnt get sued for overstating ie: the mustang cobra debacle. i am just guessing there must be more instances