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    2017 Viper ACR Breakout

    Fewer "non extremes" than I thought. Surprisingly more painted wings than I though. I know the exposed carbon is popular. Thanks for putting this list together!
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    What is this 2017 Viper ACR accessory?

    Not sure there was an accessory package. Never heard of it. As far as the watch cover goes, when I did plant pickup for my ACR everyone with me was given the Viper watch cover, protective glasses and a few other items that workers in the plant were supposed to wear.
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    Gen 2 to Gen 4 Engine Modification

    Still following this thread. Still want a Gen II just so I can do this conversion LOL.
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    41,900 SALE SRT-10 Factory Nav, Hard top, convertible

    Passed along to a friend. Sorry to hear.
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    How were the new magazines

    Did the final 2013 magazine ever make it?
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    626 for NA Gen 2

    Good stuff man!
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    Wrecked 08 ACR on ebay - how much to fix?

    Never seen one for 20k or more.
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    Magazines Shipped

    I ordered an issue of Racer Magazine on Tuesday this week. It showed up Friday. Still no sign of my Viper Magazines which supposedly shipped over a week ago.
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    Magazines Shipped

    Based on my experience if they were shipped a week ago, not last friday (3 days ago) members should already be receiving them. I am guessing they will be arriving this if they haven't already received them.
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    Magazines Shipped

    Re: still no magazines yet 2 magazines in 1 bag does not take any longer for the post office to deliver than 1 magazine in a bag. I ship media mail (not priority) almost weekly and depending where they are going it arrives anywhere from about 2-7 business days. Apparently all magazines...
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    Magazines Shipped

    There is still a 3rd on the way?
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    What is a Hardcore ACR missing?

    My ACR is a hardcore. The wiring is all there. There is no amp under the seat, no radio, no speakers or sub. The front dash speakers are still there, I am assuming the rears are still there too. I installed an aftermarket radio, plugged it in, aftermarket amp in the back hatch and ran my own...
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    any of you guys own a 6speed f430?

    And this is why I have zero desire to own a Ferrari or Lamborghini.
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    stripe pics

    They are the full GTS stripes.
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    Has anyone received their back issues of Viper Magazine?

    Last I heard they were shipping on 1/11. I am curious if anyone has received any of the 3 remaining issues from 2013?
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    Posted ad for 2 great ACRX buys in the racing section

    Lets try this. Viper 1- 79,000 Viper 2- 84,736
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    Hellcat twin turbo Hemi V8 showing up in the Viper soon?

    Agreed. Take the V10 out of the Viper, take the heart and soul with it.
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    The Elephant in the room

    My my... Look at all the enthusiasts in this thread... Out of all the replies I count 2 "members"
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    Car and Driver Lightning Lap Issue

    The the Viper TA has cloth seats.. LOL
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    Dealer experience experiment.

    Exactly. The Viper site is pretty bad as far as a vehicle configuration goes. Its only been what? Over a year?
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    RSI Twin Turbo 1250 Gen 5 SRT Viper Heading to Idaho|

    I thought I have read more than once of the Gen IV cam sensors kicking the bucket.
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    Gen 5 factory wheel PSI

    I have read the same, Gen 3 wont work on 4 etc.
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    Could be coming

    Beat me to it! Was just going to post this.