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  1. J

    Anyone else have antique plates on their viper?

    How time flies just got my antique plates on my viper.
  2. J

    1993 Viper hood decals

    Still have red for rear bumper?
  3. J

    Gen 2 viper bumpers & wheels

    Who said I wasn't here anymore? And why are you responding on my threads?if you are selling wheels why not post them instead of jumping on OP threads.I still have the 17s for sale and the tires don't match because they are the older michelin sports.
  4. J

    Any Hellcat owners? if you don't care about others why get on a forum and ask others if they think a hellcat is more fun? But hey instead of asking others what they think just enjoy what you want.
  5. J

    Any Hellcat owners?

    Viper will always have that wow factor where ever you take it.not only is it fun to drive but a real deal head turner.hellcats are nice with amazing hp but it seems like everyone and their grandma has you vill never see a viper with a 6 cyl pull up next to you.
  6. J

    Gen 2 viper bumpers & wheels

  7. J

    Gen 2 viper bumpers & wheels

    I have for sale front & back gen 2 rt/10 or gts bumpers for sale color red in very nice condition.asking $2500 or best offer for both I also have the 5 spoke 17" high polished wheels in like new condition with caps are brand new in the boxes took one out for...