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  1. Shakazito

    Yellow box speedometer calibrator wiring help

    When I bought my 2001 RT/10, the Yellow Box was inside the cover of the PCM. I found the box to be unreliable and had Dan Cragin recalibrate my speedometer through the PCM.
  2. Shakazito

    Slow Market for coupes right now?

    Here’s your answer. The price should be south of this BaT auction. 46k-Mile 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe Sold for $55,500
  3. Shakazito

    BIG Problem! Speedo Maxes Out and Odometer Runs when Key is Turned to Accessory

    The issue is that when the key is tuned to accessory or when the car is on the speedo maxes out with the odometer turning correspondingly. I get a lot of miles at 200 mph! Tried all the simple fixes. Disconnected the batteryAnybody heard of this problem before?