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    How thick is Viper (Dodge) Clearcoat?

    I say you'd be ok if scratches cant be "felt". Unless it has been wetsanded previously. Without a gauge, be hard to tell. Start light, maybe even by hand first.
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    I'm confused.

    WAAAAY too long of a story. Enjoy the car and the people.
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    Beautiful 02 Graphite Silver on Ebay for good price

    One owner fully documented only 2k miles viper gts 100% original dodge srt-10
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    Gen 2 Tires

    are the kumho ecsta xs no longer available? that was a great option
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    Temp sensor Part number needed

    definitely go with OEM part on sensor. Call Tator.
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    Changing Factory Cats

    Not difficult. There are 4 or 5 A/M options I think. Ceramic, stainless, etc.
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    mid range miss

    Have you had any battery problems of late? You may need to look into your timing controller, as you call it. do you have ability to read data from it?
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    mid range miss

    coil packs? plugs? cam position sensor? any CEL's?
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    97 viper bogging while driving

    throttle bodies out of sync? just a guess
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    What Would Cause This?

    Brake fluid looks a bit dark for 200 miles too. :dunno:
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    Gear and speedo calibration

    don't forget to consider your tire size/diameter too. (if not stock)
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    Looking for 2 front tires for 1998 GTS, want Michelin 275/35 ZR 18 Pilot

    That is the original PS. Not sure they make that anymore in that size. :dunno:
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    High pitched noise

    could be alternator bearings going out too. got a stethoscope?, a hose or something you could put your ear up to to pinpoint it?
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    Tire shaving/truing in DFW area?

    yes. spin it by hand and look for any movement of the rim edge while looking at the bottom focusing on one area. That should at least give you an idea of anything going on with the wheel
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    Tire shaving/truing in DFW area?

    Same tires I have. Good for spirited bursts on the street and confident in the rain. Terrible on the strip. Couldn't imagine autox. Are you sure wheel is not bent or a bit out of round? Right front is the one I see bent more often.
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    Tire shaving/truing in DFW area?

    any info on the tire? brand? warranty? manufacture defect? why is it "out of round" ? how bad? tried repositioning it on the wheel? Has it been sitting a long time? what are the run-out spec? Ok, that's enough questions for now ;)
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    Need some advice on a product from roe racing

    I think it runs after cut off too, but not sure how that is controlled (SCT, timer, temp sensor, etc)
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    Where do I send injectors to be cleaned?

    Tony is the man for sure. If he still does injector cleanings, I think he'll give you instructions on how to mark them, the do's/don'ts etc. oldie/goodie. click on pic. This is Tony after he cleaned his injectors.....LOL
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    Tire pressure

    There have been SOOOOOOOO many threads on tire psi, but not one that I can think of regarding tire pressure gauges. That being said, if you're going to be THAT precise on what PSI you want to run, make sure you use a good quality "needle" type gauge. I've seen the cheapo "pencil" type gauges be...
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    Tire pressure

    my guess is 29 psi.
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    97 wheel options

    No. Not that I'm aware of.
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    97 wheel options

    pretty much unlimited. keep in mind if you go much larger/taller, i.e.19"- 21"," you will be affecting your final gear ratio to.
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    19/20 HRE's for sale

    would you mind cleaning them first? :D Sounds like a good deal to me.
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    Flitz polish safe on wheels??

    Rub a small amount in inconspicuous spot if you can. if it turns black fairly quick, there's no clear coat. No black residue? they still have clear coat and stick with suggestions above. Chip (wheel repair professional) :D
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    leaking billy boats

    I tried everything with my B & B's. Final solution was to take apart, sand/scuff tube ends where they slip together and reassemble. Once apart, if the slip joints are too loose, you can use a pipe expander to tighten the gap. The "hi temp" stuff never worked for me. P....I....T....A! I...