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  1. Arnold Rod

    Problem with our 2005

    I had a similar problem. Check your reverse lights. It was my reverse switch, it's located on the side of the transmission. After I replaced the switch everything was back to normal.
  2. Arnold Rod

    Jacking up 2006 viper safely

    I used a 2 ton floor jack with a 5" minimum height. With race ramps.
  3. Arnold Rod

    2005 srt 10 convertible

    It was used, but in good shape. I believe the guys at The Viper Store tracked it down for me.
  4. Arnold Rod

    2005 srt 10 convertible

    I have one sitting in my shed. Frame, window, cover. I replaced mine with one that I bought a year ago, used of course. On my 2005 Copperhead. It's in one piece, but the one that I replaced it with is much nicer.
  5. Arnold Rod

    Waking up a 2006 Coupe

    Look under the driver's side mirror on the door though. Underneath the door overhang there's a key hole to unlock the door. You'll need to get down low and look up at it. Ignition key will unlock the door.
  6. Arnold Rod

    Gen 3 Center console shifter bezel

    I just replaced mine last week, still have the old one. 2005 copperhead
  7. Arnold Rod

    Backup Camera Install in Convertible

    No, I set this up to work with an old cell phone as the screen monitor. It was simple to do without wires to cabin. Turn on parking lights and camera switches on and activates app on phone.
  8. Arnold Rod

    Gen 3 upper door panel trim

    Here's what I used on my 2005 Copperhead. I'm very pleased with it,and it does not budge at all. Apply to clean surfaces.
  9. Arnold Rod

    Backup Camera Install in Convertible

    I purchased a WiFi backup camera. Hooked the power up to the license plate light. It works with an app on your cell phone. The lights need to be switched on, but I like driving with the lights on in the daytime.
  10. Arnold Rod

    Borla Exhaust or Other

    Stray Cat: The tune will be created specifically for your snakes year, model, upgrades, etc. As well as the elevation where you're at and the highest octane grade that you will be using. The other tweaks that are included make the snake a lot more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. You can ask...
  11. Arnold Rod

    Borla Exhaust or Other

    John, about the custom tune. I purchased it with the device that plugs in to the OBD port. It's a package deal option and plug and play do it yourself. Once you have the device future tunes can be purchased and sent to you via email. It's worth the investment believe me you will be happy with...
  12. Arnold Rod

    Borla Exhaust or Other

    I left one important fact out. After installing the Billy Boat cat back set up I purchased a custom tune from Roe racing. Talk about waking the car up, this did the job for me. The tune also helps keep the engine cooler with fan speed tweaks and other benefits like eliminating the skip shift...
  13. Arnold Rod

    Borla Exhaust or Other

    I have a gen 3 Copperhead. I removed the OEM cross over cat back set up. Replaced it with a Billy Boat cat back set up that I found on ebay. It's old new stock made in 2009, I was lucky to find it. It sounds amazing, louder than stock and just enough rumble muscle car sound. I wrapped both sides...
  14. Arnold Rod

    CAR will not start

    I had the exact same thing happen to my gen 3. It turned out being a loose camshaft position sensor that got sheared off at the tip. Vibration might have caused the bolt that holds it to loosen. I replaced it and she fired right up.