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    Information from Chrysler on 2015 Viper

    It ain't just NJ. The vast majority of Dodge dealers have no idea how to sell a $100k+ vehicle nor deal with the buyers of such a vehicle. Yeah, but at some point, you're going to have to go back to the dealer for service, at least if your Viper is anything like the two I owned. Then you're...
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    Very close to becoming a part of the Viper nation. Need forum input

    DD both my Gen II and Gen III without an issue. Go for it - you'll love having your Viper as your DD.
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    Comp Blue Yes or No

    It's actually a little deeper blue than Petty Blue and Bob's right - it looks better in person than in those photos.
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    Comp Blue Yes or No

    Saw it at SEMA - the color' damned good in person. Add matte black stripes and it'll be epic.
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    My G5 Photo Shoot

    CONGRATS! Your car looks EPIC!!!
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    Shipper recommendations from CA to VA

    So, which of Burger's Vipers did you buy?
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    Blue is the new black

    Saw it in person and French Racing Blue was the first thing I thought of. It looks very close to that color and there's no pearl in it either.
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    VCA back to the same old routine

    Shouldn't Bob have like five or ten posts on this thread by now?
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    Jalopnik... Why Is No One Buying The SRT Viper?

    The problem is that you eventually will have to deal with your local dealers and for a lot of us they suck. This was a factor in my decision to I cancel my order.
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    2014 SRT Viper site is up.

    Agree. They may also want to contact people that canceled orders to better understand why.
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    VCA Raffle car just arrived at Woodhouse!!!

    That begs the question: is this raffle even legit in the other 49 states, then?
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    If you're going to go that far you might as well go all the way and mention it was held at Sheri's Ranch. However, I suspect the twitchiness over that event subsided with the departure of Mr. Herbert quite some time ago.
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    It depends on the region. The region I'm in now is totally worth the dues. The region I was in previously was doing nothing for the members at all.
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    One Strykingly Sexy Snake!

    Many congrats and kudos for putting up with a ridiculously long wait. Now go out and drive the hell out of that thing!
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    Viper Dyno Results

    Dave, isn't that akin to being the tallest midget in the room? :rolaugh:
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    One Strykingly Sexy Snake!

    Thank you for the kind words and for passing the story on when you got a willing ear. I'm not sure if they'll really make adjustments or not but I certainly hope they do or at least don't repeat these particular mistakes. However, they've got a long way to go to ever win me back.
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    One Strykingly Sexy Snake!

    Looks amazing! Here's hoping it gets on a truck headed your way ASAP.
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    Saw this Gen 5 Viper Dodge dealer ad today...

    I'm in that boat too. Also, the $25k "SRT License Fee" was a stupid idea. All it did was cause the greedy dealers to excessively mark up their Vipers in an attempt to recoup those costs immediately and that, in turn, turned off a lot of potential buyers. Now those cars are still languishing on...
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    Saw this Gen 5 Viper Dodge dealer ad today...

    If this is the dealer I think it is, it's 100% legit and they will give an even better deal to SoCal VCA members.
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    2014 Viper ordering now open

    Sorry to hear that. Time to cancel and get a black 2013 at invoice.
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    check engine light

    This is all further proof that Dodge and these dealers are not equipped to sell a car this expensive. Just look at how concerned everyone is with taking their car to their local stealership. Add that to the initial bugs in the cars they're putting out (no excuse after the multitude of excuses...
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    " The new Viper is exotic and curvy, but the glory days are gone at least by sales"

    Re: " The new Viper is exotic and curvy, but the glory days are gone at least by sale IIRC, there was about a $7500 spread on my GTS which stickers for $131k. There are plenty of near-invoice or at-invoice deals out there, you just have to look; they are not imaginary as someone implied...
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    paint issues--please help

    Damn. Sorry to hear you're having these issues; there's no way they shouldn't be meeting your request as this is a ridiculously expensive car for Dodge. Your negative experience is exactly one of the things I was worried about when I canceled my order as I wasn't looking forward to dealing with...

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