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    Rattling and imbalance on the engine

    Lots of questions. I have lots of experience with all this over the past 30 years building Viper engines, feel free to call me if needed. Dan 310-597-6295
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    Gen 3 supercharger system Questions

    You can make big power with the Paxton System, but the engine really is the weak link. I developed all the Viper SC systems with Paxton, supplied all the test vehicles and did our own durability tests. The standard kit, as supplied worked very well and was safe. Small changes can be made to the...
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    Gen 3 supercharger system Questions

    The complete kit comes with tuning and gets the engine up to about 670hp. An aftermarket throttle body can get you another 10hp. A bigger air to water cooler will make the power more repeatable. If you dyno test the car, the air fuel can be optimized with a new calibration for the JTEC engine...
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    Help with a 97 GTS.. Crank no start

    There is a small plug back at the battery that may have come unplugged.
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    Looking for RT/10 Steering Crossmember

    I have one of these, feel free to contact me. [email protected]
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    OEM Sway Bar End Link Rebuild (w/ Pics)

    Reuse the stock sway bar link nuts. The aftermarket links come with a crush nut, which is not correct. The links are a taper fit and just need to be torqued correctly with standard production nut.
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    OEM Sway Bar End Link Rebuild (w/ Pics)

    The stock links are a solid ball/socket design. Very durable and easily rebuilt with new dust boots, but it takes time to do right. Moog has a very good front replacement for 1992-2002 models. Rear links for are still available from Dodge for Gen 2,3,4. Aftermarket rear links tend to have a...
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    3D print an interior door sill plug

    Those plugs are not serviced by Dodge, but you can find them in the aftermarket. Its all in the details, and I can understand that can drive you crazy.
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    3D print an interior door sill plug

    You can get these from Mc Mastercar supply online.
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    Running rough after a jump start

    Is your check engine light on?
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    Removing ancient Viper security system?

    A good stereo shop can pull that mess out.
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    Bad mechanical noise from valvetrain - Gen2 GTS

    Might have a valve seat falling out.
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    WTB - Coilovers

    MCS single adjustable systems are around $3600 before shipping. Depending on use, the spring rates and valving can be done accordingly. Customer service is great and repairs are done quickly when needed. The design really controls the spring, keeping the ride compliant, even with higher spring...
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    Gen. 2 Head gasket time

    I've done many a leak down on the V10's. Not so bad once you get all setup. With 2 people its a breeze. These Gen 2 engines don't blow head gaskets. The gaskets are multilayer steel and very strong. Check the coolant for hydrocarbons, (a block check),
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    Door Hinge Wires

    When I run into this issue, I remove the door wiring harness and replace all the wires in the section of the harness that connects the door to the body. It takes a few hours but is the best fix.
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    Couple pics while waiting on heads/cam

    Justin is great. JMB has a long history of happy clients.
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    Replacing valve stem seals

    If the car is smoking on start up and oils is getting down the guides, most likely just changing seals will not fix this. When I get an older car like this, first thing I do is drop the oil pan and check a couple rod bearings, if they are good then I do a leak down test. If the on a warm motor...
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    2001 GEN2 GTS Trailing Rear Suspension Link

    You can use a Gen 3 link, you just use part of your original one. The rod end, which does not wear.
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    Gen 3 Passenger Side Window Regulator

    I just got one from the dealer.
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    KW suspension on ‘93 GEN 1?

    BC does not have a option for the Gen 1's. The KW option is suspect, as I never could get it in the day, very pricey as well. Your Koni shocks can be rebuilt and upgraded, which makes a big difference. Problem is, you have to send them out for 8-10 weeks. MCS also can build a system for the...
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    Viper Tech, happy to help

    First I would bleed out the clutch hydraulic system. Also make sure the clutch hydraulic line in not too close the the exhaust. If the problem persists, it might be a clutch release problem, which requires a new clutch and slave assembly. I would drain the transmission fluid and look for...
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    Viper Tech, happy to help

    I always use the stock wheel sensors. They program quickly and last many years. I have had issues with the aftermarket sensors, either not programming or failing when you hit a bump. As far as the noise when cold that goes away when warm. I would check for a cracked exhaust manifold, tends to...
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    Viper Tech, happy to help

    I think I have responded to everyone so far. If there is something that will be good info for everyone to see here on the site, please post. I follow the site a couple days a week.
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    Viper Tech, happy to help

    Hi All, As these Vipers get older, I see so many horror stories in regards to diagnosis and repair of simple problems. I've seen pretty much everything on these cars, all generations, but specifically Gen 1-3. I'm semi retired now, but still active in the Viper community. I have worked...
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    Engine Ticking

    You might want to check the exhaust manifolds for cracks. Very common on Gen 3's and sounds like a lifter noise, worse when cold.

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