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    Wanted Gen1 Hard Top for 95 RT/10

    Ordered mine about a month ago. Hopefully will be heading up to Autoform in the next week or two.
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    Gen1 dash options & pic request

    Yes I did see those, but they don't look the same.
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    Gen1 dash options & pic request

    Where did you get the guage trim rings? I want to do my dash in leather and would need the rings. Thanks for your help.
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    Gen 1 gasket question

    This is exactly what I did with my 94'. Dan took care of my baby like it was his own. I highly recommend going this route!
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    RT10 hardtop market

    Cant wait to see a gen1 complete with windows. Can you do tinted windows? Credit card is in hand!
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    Post Pics of Your Red Gen I/II RT10!

    My Gen 1 with my Dad's 31' Gasser
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    Looking for set of 17" Wheels & tires in Michigan

    I have a set of 3 spokes from my 94'. Not chrome but near perfect condition. New Kumho's on them. PM me if interested.
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    Anyone have a new/almost new set of Gen 1 tires in the garage they wanna sell?

    I have a set of gen 1 wheels with kumho's . Tires have about 250 miles on them. Wheels are perfect. PM me if interested.
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    Head Gaskets and Head Bolts

    I had Dan at Viper Specialties do mine, he supplied the head gaskets. Chuck Tator supplied the rest of the gaskets. Yes you can reuse the head bolts.
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    Exhaust system

    I have the Roe exhaust on my 94'. Like it a lot.
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    Oil change questions

    Mobil 0w 40 is what I was told to use
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    Gen I Exhaust Options

    I have the roe system in my 94' and really like it
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    Need advice from you audiophiles on replacement door speakers

    I just put kicker 6" in my 94' doors. They fit right in and I used the stock speaker grilles. Big improvement over stock, but I'm not really an audiophile either.
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    what "healthy" mods are there"

    On my Gen 1, I did smooth tubes and K&N's, HS 1.7's with new lifters and Trend push rods and a Roe full exhaust. Along with fresh PS2's and all the fluids changed. It really woke the car up!
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    Question About Head Gasket Replacement on a '96

    I just had mine done, Dan Lesser did them. He also did the lifters, push rods and HS 1.7's. While it was there he did all fluids, plugs, wires, AC o-rings, misc. gaskets and a 4-wheel alignment. Feels like a new car. He really took care of my car!
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    GentlemanI am looking at new rear tires for my 94 RT-10

    I put ps2's on my 94'. It's like a different car. Bought mine from parts rack. They were cheaper than tire rack.
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    Hello...Please go Vote for my car....

    Voted, your pulling ahead
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    My new to me 94 RT/10

    Looks great, love the wheels
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    Gen 2 doors on a Gen 1.. Yes you can!

    That seems like a worthwhile project, if you can get the bugs worked out. I think your onto something there!
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    Post your forcast

    20 degrees and snow for the next 4 months. 15" of snow on the ground in lovely Erie, PA
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    How wet would you get in an RT10 with the soft top

    The day I bought my 94' I had to drive it home on the highway in the rain. To my amazement, I had no water inside. 2 hrs. in traffic and a few downpours!

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