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    how much top end>>

    I ran it in 5th gear and was at 5,700 rpm when I went through the traps. I still had a few rpm left and perhaps if I had made a better launch I could have coaxed a couple of more mph out of the old girl.
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    how much top end>>

    If you would like to watch my 175.3 mph run, I took a Go Pro video and here is the link. Please excuse the poor launch.
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    Thanks again Jon B and Parts Rack

    I wanted to write about my latest interaction with Jon B at Parts Rack which was great. While returning from Mojave, California my 1999 RT-10 the electric fan motor started to make nasty sounds. By the time I got back to Washington it was barely working. Amazing how with a mere 100,000 miles on...
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    how much top end>> Here is the link to my you tube video of my 175.3 run at Mojave. I had a bad launch, but it still was an enjoyable run with a car set up for shorter tracks and 3:55 gears.
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    how much top end>>

    My post (#27) mentioned that I was headed to Mojave to run my 1999 RT-10 in the Mojave Magnum 1 1/2 mile competition. I run 3:55 gears and pull 443 hp at the rear wheels. I only got one fairly good run, but was pleased to run 175.3 mph. I think If I could do some fiddling I could improve on that...
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    how much top end>>

    Thank you for the information. I didn't think that 6th gear would be a viable option. I am hoping that in the extra 1/2 mile I can get into the low 170's, but running at 3,200 feet and the expected high 80's for temperature I think I may be a bit optimistic. I will let you know what the results...
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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    I am more than happy to refrain from joining VCA for next year as I did last year. I am still getting sporadic permission to post on the forum. So far it has been mostly talk about reforms. VCA has a very very long way to go to obtain trust of members.
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    how much top end>>

    I am heading to the Mojave Mile (and 1 1/2 Mile) event next week. I checked the gearing tables for my 3:55 gears and it looks like I could go 180 at 6,000 rpm in 5th. I realize that drag etc. will limit me. Does anyone have experience with using 6th gear with 3:55s above 150 mph and whether it...
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    Its worth saving, help john help you

    Wanted. Are you actually Chris Marshall in disguise??
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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    I think VCA made a big mistake when they decided to have a fore profit business. There has been a minimum o transparency and the "petty censorship" has progressed to the point where my Washington regional president is not allowed to post on the forum. Yes, it is petty, like a lot of the other...
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    Moderators - What is your problem

    I have made as lot of posts recently in which I am civil and want to comment on events. You recently allowed a post from several days ago to be actually posted on the forum. My controversial comment was about an Ilmor marine V-10 engine. I said "625 HP". I just can't understand why all my other...
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    Have you ever seen one of these before?

    Why is my post from several days ago shown and all the others are not? What is your problem with the forums. I was a member (Venom for several years) before all this started going on. I am an enthusiast this year while I wait and see what you are going to do to turn this into a CAR CLUB.
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    Apology to Ralph Gilles

    Moderated?? Like me?? That is a good question.
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    Have you ever seen one of these before?

    I believe they are 625 hp.
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    Encounter with a "Tree-Hugger"...Has this ever happened to you?

    Just tell your car is a hybrid.. It burns gas and rubber.
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    Viper car insurance prices

    I have Allstate and it is reasonable.
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    Viper car insurance prices

    what is going on??
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    VCA legal Counsel, Bill Corum has resigned

    I found out why my post was removed and it was because of a reference to Hitler. I have used that reference for the board, but this time I used it directly on an individual. As much as I don't like what he is doing I agree that a minimum amount of civility is still needed in these times and I...
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    VCA legal Counsel, Bill Corum has resigned

    I just made a post on the forum subject" Chris Marshall's Friday letter". I guess they didn't like my comments, so now I am unable to access that thread. Sorry about commenting on this thread, but it was the only one I am allowed to use. I guess we are returning to the "bad old days" of a few...
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    Free Jon B

    Oh, by the w ay I forgot this! FREE Jon B !
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    Free Jon B

    I joined VCA in 2007 after finally getting my Viper. I chose to boycott VCA this year because of events that finally reached a head at Charlotte. I have know Jon for 15 years and he was the one who kept my interest up in Vipers and encouraged membership in VCA which used to be a car club. I was...
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    Milestone - Gen II GTS

    I am sitting at 98,000 with my 99 RT-10. I expect to break 100,000 in October if all goes well.
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    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    I wonder how many clubs have already departed, but not posted. I have noticed that there is no Oregon Club to the south of us. I think that clubs leaving will keep the pressure on to clean up the mess in VCA. It would be wonderful to have a real car club again.
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    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    I think that your solution is nice and simple and will be a good way to clean up this mess.
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    Does anyone have any honest figures on how many people have joined this year compared to 2 years ago? I am fairly sure VCA wouldn't want to let it out that they are missing many of the previous club members. No Venom membership for me like I had the past several years.

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