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  1. matt dillon

    Dodge Viper

    Was that an April Fools joke? Lol, Smdh
  2. matt dillon


    Wow, I couldn't imagine! Like Aspirations said about a vin # or anything else that would help! GL & keep us informed
  3. matt dillon

    1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 for sale. 27k miles. $49,500. 530-320-2770.

    Really clean looking car do you have anymore info on it? Mods, etc...
  4. matt dillon

    Looking for Gen 1 Lemke top

    I don't think that will fit a Gen I, I have a Gen II & it looks SO much better than the OEM but there is a few issues with the space & gap in the windows but it's definitely worth it since my 00' has Never been driven in the rain! But I don't think the Gen. II top will fit the Gen. I though
  5. matt dillon

    Lemke top value

    I got one on my 2000 model & it looks SO much better than the OEM! I think I bought it like 15 years ago for like $2,500
  6. matt dillon

    2013 GTS Stryker, 1 of 62

    Beautiful car, GL with your sale
  7. matt dillon

    Question, tires for 94

    This is Exactly Correct, it's definitely like driving on ICE on Old tires, no matter the mileage on them! You won't understand until you put New ones one it & then you'll know it's like Night & Day (ask me How I know). GL & Drive Safe
  8. matt dillon

    Viper Parts Rack

    I'm also interested in the dates on the tires, have you checked yet? Seems like several guys on here are!
  9. matt dillon

    Viper Production Quick List

    I Agree 100% percent, also thanks for all the info Jeff! Great Stuff to know in the Viper World
  10. matt dillon

    Dodge Viper stereotypes and sayings

    I Don't know much about the GTS's looking like the Clown Shoe, I Always thought it was the RT/10's. That was One of the reasons I Bought the Jeff Lemke 3-Piece Top for mine & Now to me it Doesn't look like that at All anymore! Makes a Big Difference! :)
  11. matt dillon

    My Viper

    Congrats, Really NICE!
  12. matt dillon

    Coupe conversion

    Looking Good!
  13. matt dillon

    Help need in a poorly stored viper?

    What steve e said, I couldn't imagine the coilovers busted just for sitting in the garage for that long, but I've been wrong before! Definitely have someone with Viper knowledge check it out, there's a lot of Good priced Vipers out there looking for New homes! GL let us know how it turns out
  14. matt dillon

    My Launch Edition arrived

    Looks NICE! I've Always Loved my 00' Steel Gray RT/10 but once I got my Gen V, I Hardly Ever drive it anymore. I Won't EVER go Back to another Older Gen. Though I Do have a few people that still likes the Gen II over the Gen V, but driving it is ALL the Difference in the World. NO Comparison...
  15. matt dillon

    Selling my 2001 Viper RT/10 - Pristine 600 original miles.

    Beautiful car, looks Brand New! 68k though I think it's Definitely going to take the Right person! GL with the sale
  16. matt dillon

    New Jeff Lemke Hardtop pics

    Tim put his number on there, Call Him! :)
  17. matt dillon

    18" and 19" from srt10 on rt10?

    Gotta Love it when a person starts a New thread with questions & Never comes back to respond! SMH
  18. matt dillon

    Bought a somewhat unloved 99 ACR, first time owner

    If you Love this Gen II just wait until you drive a Gen V, you'll Never look back! I Still Love my Gen II, but there's NO Comparison to a Gen V. Nice looking car, Enjoy it & be Safe & like everybody said do all the fluids, belts, tires, etc... I also went with the 3.55 gears & it made a World of...
  19. matt dillon

    2014 T/A 778 Miles IS SOLD

    Looks Great, somebody's going to get a Beautiful car at a Really Good Price! GL with the sale, it shouldn't last long!
  20. matt dillon

    WTB GTS Gen 2

    I just got a Gen. V several months ago & the wife is telling me I need to get rid of one of my other vehicles, my 00' Steel Gray has a Jeff Lemke 3-piece top & has Never been driven in the rain, Never smoked in & has Always been kept in a climate controlled garage. Doesn't have a Scratch on it &...
  21. matt dillon

    New Gen V American Racing Headers

    WOW, How much more for spark plugs & K&N Filter IF Desired?
  22. matt dillon

    2013 launch edition for sale

    Charles did you ever sell your car, It seems like a Steal of a Deal! Just Wish I hadn't already bought mine, if it hasn't been sold are you looking for any kind of trades for it? GL

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