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    ACR GTS-R is it worth buying and reviving!!

    Ma, look, I swear, I put the car cover on it, and when I woke up it looked like this! I mean, maybe You need to look a little harder, because that car doesn’t “look normal from the engine back” It’ll cost more than MSRP, in parts to repair it correctly.
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    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    As an FYI not trying to beat you up, please don’t take it that way.
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    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    I stand by my original statement, your talking shoulda woulda coulda. The Viper is a market most don’t understand, it’s painfully clear where people are telling you what to buy. First of all, unlike the P-car that has a very loyal following that goes for multiple generations the Viper is a very...
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    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    Anyone telling you what’s a good investment hasn’t been around Vipers long enough. Buy the car and enjoy it, if it’s got more than 10 miles on it and it’s not been in a vacuum sealed cocoon it’s not an investment. Even then there are no guarantees. Hell that car wouldn’t come close to it’s...
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    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    Your best bet is to stop thinking of the car as an investment. Get it because you want it, otherwise your making a mistake. Your odds of making money are far better in Vegas.
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    GTS vs ACR

    Mike, I'm out in Simi. It's been so long, that I can't remember but I may have bought a spare front wheel from you or Carl for my ACR 12 to 15 years ago. My last event was Charlotte, which I'm sure you recall was when the daggers came out and the Club melted down.
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    GTS vs ACR

    No, I’m not Carl, but I’ve been mixed up with Carl before. Was in the SoCal club for many years. Armen
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    GTS vs ACR

    Redtanrt10, you are correct that the ACR has a different oil filter adapter. I do believe you are confused about the A/C. The ACR adapter has a non bypass type set up which allows full filtration at all times.
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    Question, tires for 94

    Stupidity has nothing to do with tires, that is true. Believing that old tires on a Performance car is a good idea or acceptable is beyond foolish. Tires are the single most important item on a car (particularly the Viper), if that is a difficult concept to grasp, what’s the point of owning a...
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    1998-2002 Exhaust Clamp Needed:

    I have those clamps and can send you detailed photos if you desire. You can always call one of the Viper dismantling companies and get a used set.
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    Omg.. somebody know about this?

    Generally speaking, it's a nicely executed piece for what it is. I've been wondering when the Japanese widebody look would hit the early Viper platform. Lose the military theme, and some of it is definitely an improvement on the RT/10 styling.
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    To sell or not to sell

    Funny, I initially thought Mexico, until I kept reading.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Phew I'm stuffed!
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    Anyone's Neighbors Ever Complain About Noise?

    I live in an HOA. It has it's pluses and minuses, it minimizes people from doing stupid things like painting their house purple and parking on the lawn. Your going to find unhappy A-holes everywhere anyway. Doesn't really matter if your in an HOA. Cities, like mine love them, because they use...
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    Failed Emissions in CO

    Are you sure the OEM cats are in place and unmolested? What do the plugs look like? The OEM cats are so good that even if the car was running rich it would likely clean up the mess. Additionally if you were running that rich, the cats would be so hot that your side sill paint would be burnt.........
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    Whats your opinion.. should the Viper go mid engine?

    Absolutely YES! If I recall correctly, I believe Chrysler built a prototype/mule in the mid engine configuration during the Gen I/II era. I want to say it's in one of the old issues of the Viper magazine. Thanks for posting! I don't do social media. Forums are as far as I go.....
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    What is up with FCA marketing?

    Nothing odd here, they are just stating it as it is....... In the future, people will look at these cars as muscle cars just like we do now with cars of the 60's. If you ask me, it's guys in marketing trying to help people understand that these cars are going away. Marchionne is trying sell off...
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    Looking for a Gas tank for 02 GTS

    Was yours leaking at the neck?
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    Looking to Own Gen II GTS

    Ok lets clear up some bad info here......... ACR's were available from '99-'02, so the first year cars do in fact have forged internals Non forged cars have an advantage over forged cars in N/A builds (lighter pistons and longer rods vs earlier cars Those lighter wheels you speak of are Viper...
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    Aftermarket Differential Cover?

    This is correct.
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    best custom fit GTS cover

    Yes that's correct Kimberly Clark, Cal Car Cover sells that type as well, of course it's not embroidered like the factory cover. Either way you have choices and I agree it's nice to have the OEM stuff, just because, however my preference is 100% cotton for indoor use.
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    Changing Transmission Fluid on 2001 RT/10-A couple of questions...

    Spout and hands method is not fun, also most likely to make a mess.
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    best custom fit GTS cover

    The 100% Cotton California Car Cover like above is better than the factory cover. The factory cover is not cotton, it's the paper towel looking material. It's not a bad cover but the soft flannel inside my cover is hands down a better option for indoor storage.
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    Dodge Viper Gift.

    That's correct, the change from Koni to Dynamic was made mid year 2000. As an FYI the OP"s car with Blue front shocks as shown was not correct for an ACR.

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