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  1. Mike Adams

    Want to TRADE Corsa gen v exhaust for OEM exhaust

    I have a factory cat back but I am in Canada
  2. Mike Adams

    Cruisin the coast

    Leaving tonight for Biloxi for the cruising the coast driving the car Guelph, Ontario. Any Viper members involved
  3. Mike Adams

    Gen 5 Color Combinations

    Viper ACR extreme aero with carbon brakes
  4. Mike Adams

    New 1 of 1 ACR ordered

    I just got a all from program Head quarters. He congratulated me on my new viper and I am one of few Canadians 1 of 1 that has been approved. I ordered stryker green Extreme ACR with carbon ceramic brakes and both black stripes driver side and large one down the middle. I think this will be a keeper
  5. Mike Adams

    New 1 of 1 ACR ordered

    I sold my 2014 Viper T/A hoping I could order a new 2017 Viper ACR. They came out with the limited editions in the USA and never opened ordering in Canada. So I thought I was gonna be viperless in the future. Today I Wellington motors got confirmation my viper has been entered in the system. I...
  6. Mike Adams

    Selling T/A number 91

    I may want to sell my 2014 Viper T/A. Was wondering what they are going for in the USA. I only have 1200 kms on it. But wife has gotten ill and will not be able to drive much. It is 91 of 93 (race number) have replace rear diffuser and side brake ducts with carbon fibre
  7. Mike Adams

    Installing carbon rear diffuser tomorrow

    A I did not install bumper yet. I was alone and thought it best to wait till I had help to make sure I did not scratch anything. That being said I installed a Corsa cat back instead.:headbang: I am now waiting on gas cap to come back from getting hydro graphic carbon finer look.
  8. Mike Adams

    Installing carbon rear diffuser tomorrow

    Seibon parts came yesterday thanks to Rob at racing. So tomorrow install rear diffuser and brake ducts beside doors. Pictures to follow
  9. Mike Adams

    Wheel fix

    I got my TA cannot figure out why they would put a silver center cap in a black wheel. Then notice they used grey weights and grey tire pressure sensors. So here is my fix.
  10. Mike Adams

    Gen 5 owners: What has pleasantly surprised your about your car?

    From previous vipers. i like the auto headlights, seats more comfortable, side sills not as hot. List goes on still raw enough to say is a viper. Oh yea and love the orange colour
  11. Mike Adams

    tour of viper engine plant

    No video's allowed. They are extremely precise. They are not producing any engines right now, but they assembled a cylinder head and tested it. They said the Viper engine has the strictest standards of any of the cylinder heads they produce.
  12. Mike Adams

    tour of viper engine plant

    Wow produced here in Guelph. They do th corvette also
  13. Mike Adams

    Corsa exhaust

    Wtf has no one done independent dyno tests. With cat backs and headers
  14. Mike Adams


    It is in the show room in Wellington not rushing to pick up cannot drive and will get depressed looking at every day
  15. Mike Adams

    Formal Announcement: VOI 13.640HP

    Best part of owning a viper has always been the club. The VOI always exciting. Really upset about latest BS. I cannot wait for more info on this one !
  16. Mike Adams

    Corsa exhaust

    Has anyone put a Corsa on a Gen v. Is it much louder? Little concerned that if I put it on it may be too loud, as it comes out right beside you window. Getting older sucks when noise is more important than hp !
  17. Mike Adams


    Lol still wonder
  18. Mike Adams

    T/A IN

    This is front bracket that slides underneath the bumper
  19. Mike Adams

    T/A IN

    Just order floor mats and Licence braket from Jon B thanks. IF you own an orange T/A he has mats !
  20. Mike Adams


    humm humm humm

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