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    2008 Production Numbers

    Guys, if it isn't too much trouble, I would like to know how many converts were made with GTS blue and white stripes from the factory (I ordered mine that way). Thanks!
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    windshield wiper blade refills?

    The dealer wants $36 each for these. I have an '08 convert and want to keep my wiper arms original, so I just want to replace the blades. Any ideas where I can get good ones cheaper than $36???? Thanks:)
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    MIR 13.49 Convertible rule

    Get a roll bar and have some real FUN! I did, and haven't regretted it for a nannosecond.
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    SRT driving experience ?

    Without contacting SRT or asking them for an extension, you only have one year. I attended an SRT Ex. in May and it was a lot of fun. The roadcourse driving at MSR Houston was awesome, but I didn't enjoy the autocross sessions nearly as much. The drag racing was only 1/8 of a mile, but I...
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    Viper vs. Porsche at the Ring

    Great video, George. Thanks for posting it. Those guys knew how to get around the track! The Viper obviously had the torque and horsepower to win, as it could easily catch the Porsche each time Viper fell behind in slow traffic. I'll be watching this video for a while.
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    Like A Whole New Car! PS2's

    Two years ago I had the choice of buying two runcraps for the rear of my '05, Viper convert, or buying 4 PS2s as Jon B. recommended. I chose the cheaper route and paid for it when my Viper was totalled due to lack of traction and handling in an emergency evasion move (on an overpass!) as I...
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    Woodhouse Does It

    Gary, about what does it cost to have Woodhouse install a Paxton on an '05? It might be a different price on my '08, but I had an '05 so I know that the stock versions are plenty smooth and fast to drive.
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    Horsepower and 1/4 mile Experts Please Comment

    My stock '08 tachs 1300 rpm's at 80mph. Your gears should be right on. It runs consistent 127mph and about 12 flat in the quarter, as did the DC Viper I drove at VOI. I'm old and decrepit, though. A good driver would definitely be in the elevens with my car. Besides, it's blue with white...
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    Foxnews says "Chrysler shuts down Friday for a month..

    There is no reason why UAW workers cannot work for the same wages and benefits that the foreign car workers in the USA are making. I read a story one time that you don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg. The UAW seems to be more than willing for the US auto industry to be killed rather...
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    How much HP do you have in your garage?

    52 pistons and 2305 horsepower (4cyl., slant 6 225 c.i., 361 c.i., 413 c.i., 5.7 L, 8.4L, another 5.7L)
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    Special Hurst Viper On the Way!

    Trivia question: What was the first limited production Dodge which was painted in two-tone black and COPPER? Answer: 1958 Dodge Regal 2dr hardtop. It is still a very, very rare car to find anywhere, and it was very fast for its day. Transmission options were 3 speed auto (torqueflite) or 3 on...
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    aftermarket wiper blades

    I drive mine in the rain when I HAVE TO in order to get home. In Louisiana, rain can come up suddenly, though you have left home with totally clear skies. I do not intentionally leave home with rain imminent or probable. These cars, believe it or not, will not melt in the rain; they are...
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    What is the weirdest/coolest/craziest story

    While filling up with gas a late teenage girl told me, "That car makes me wet." I resisted requiring any proof of that; but later I wondered if I should have asked her to "show me the .....[not money]."
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    Did you buy brand new for your first Viper?

    I bought my gens. I, II and III in used, low miles condition. My '08 is my first and last New Viper. It's a great car, I'm 64+ years old, and I think this car will last until my demise. After that, my youngest daughter will inherit it. She's 29 years old and loves driving autocross and...
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    WTB - 08/09 GTS Blue Vert....

    IMHO: When buying a Viper, Don't settle for anything less than your first choice or you'll probably never be satisfied. There are some GTS blue converts out there, so keep looking. And no, mine is too pretty to sell. :)
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    How many miles did you put on your Viper this year?

    4,300 in the past year. I drive it every nice day that I can. It was meant to be driven IMHO.
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    how many miles are on ur 08,any problems yet?

    4,300+ miles and all is wonderful! This baby really flies-much faster than my '05, believe it or not, even though I had full Bellangers and Dan Cragin reflash on the '05, while the '08 is stock except for MGW shift lever and knob, plus roll bar and 6 point seat belt on driver's side. The roll...
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    tunning 08

    When do they expect to have the ECU calibrations? Will this be something we can have done to our own ECUs, or do we need to either: (1) send off our ECUs to Dodge, or (2) buy a new ECU with the tune already made? Thanks.
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    Coupe vs I missing anything?

    Like rcl, my blue/white '08 convert has the autoform rollbar. I prefer a convert for use in Louisiana (I've had 3 Viper converts and one coupe), so I added the rollbar for highway safety, rollover. I believe the rollbar makes the convert safer in a rollover than the coupe would be. I will...
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    This a good deal for an 08 SSG Vert?

    1BADGTS, just keep it and drive it like you stole it. The dark reds apparently are not selling well, but they sure are nice cars. I wouldn't even think of selling yours for less than a price in the 70's. All you need to do for now is put another 99,000 miles on it and you'll get your money's...
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    This a good deal for an 08 SSG Vert?

    SSG is GREEN. It's pretty, but it is still GREEN. Historically, green cars don't sell as well as other colors, especially bright red ones. One day, like the day after you buy it, it will be a USED GREEN car. If the color turns you on better than any others, buy it anyway! But if you want to...
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    08 coupe 11.48 @ 124 mph with a 1.93 60ft

    At Milan dragstrip during VOI 10, I turned as 12.12 @127.6 mph in a company car (the purple convert). I only had a 2.05 sixty foot time, so I can attest that a 130 mph is certainly plausible. I have not driven my own '08 convert down the 1/4 more than 6-8 times, with a best of 12.04 @126+...
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    Latest information on VOI 10 as of 7-19-08

    Thanks ami. I'm glad to know you'll be in that number, when the Vipers come rollin' in......
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    Latest information on VOI 10 as of 7-19-08

    I have always driven my own Vipers to the VOIs I have attended, so what arrangements will be made for me and other viperless attendees to drive the courses and CPG? I'm coming, but I hope I don't just watch other Viper members having fun without my joining in the games. thanks.
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    What age is the Viper Owner ?

    I'm 64, own an '08 and have owned 3 others: one of each generation. My kids won't let me be buried in it, though. Oh well, I'll get a new home and won't need wheels....

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