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    2006 Viper with a lifter tick

    Fuel injectors also make a ticking noise as they are basically just little solenoids. There on top, vs-the Older GEN's. Normal, what i was told.
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    Mecum strong numbers on Vipers

    NOT the rare not so much , or Gen V ACR's, but the other Gen's are. Asking price is not the same as sold price, LOOK at BAT from a few days ago, 40"s 50's
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    Mecum strong numbers on Vipers

    Sorry to say boys , but car prices are coming down. Not like it was in Jan, or last year.
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    Potential New GEN3 Owner?

    Let me know how you found it fix that tire pressure switch, mine has been on since I bought the car 3 years ago. Says Low Tire Thanks Dave
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    Hello everyone from Italy

    Welcome! To the Viper family! Where in Italy are you from! My family is from Campobasso area. Ciao
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    Looking to buy this 2003 Viper... Comments are welcome!

    I have a 06 Viper Red for sale. 12k miles. MINT show room new. Here is my email if interested. [email protected] $ 65,000.00
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    Wanted: Sliding windows for a 1995

    Call Steve at Autoform Group! The only way to go!
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    Looking to buy a Gen 3 Viper again...

    I am selling my MINT 2006. 12k miles. all original. here is my email address , leave your number to call. [email protected]
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    Mecum Indy-Viper

    3000 in 94 President, Get it right! Lol
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    Mecum Indy-Viper

    So Far the prices on Vipers are not that good, another week to go. Check them out. Dave
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    Snakeskin 2006 Special Edition

    Chris, Do have any Pic;s On the 06 Snake green Viper, I might be interested ? Dave
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    What type and where to buy fuel injectors?

    Call Chuck Tator- 914.763.3136
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    2004-2005 Viper

    Hey Dave, This is Dave G. are you coming to UTC mall on the 14th, I met some new Viper guys up in Orlando, and they are coming down that Sat. Hope to see you there, get there by 7:15 if your not playing Tennis with John, Dave
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    Former owner, looking to become one again.

    Yes, I have a 06 Conver. for sale. Mint , stock, 12k miles, $70,000.00
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    2004-2005 Viper

    Hi , I have a 06 Covn. Mint-$70k- 12k miles. All Stock Dave
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    Gen 1 Soft Top and Window Trunk Storage

    I used to wrap mine in towels.
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    Viper Fun at Celebration Exotic Car Festival 2022 April 8,9,10

    Yes Dave, How are you and Wendy Doing ? How are those 3 White Vipers doing? I haven't see you in a long time. Dave North Port.
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    Viper Fun at Celebration Exotic Car Festival 2022 April 8,9,10

    Is there anybody going to this event ? Will the President of the Local Florida VCA post anything about this event ? Is there a VCA representative in Florida anymore? Dave
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    Viper Mechanic Needed - Port Charlotte/Venice/Englewood, Florida

    Hi Terry, I use Firkins Chrysler in Bradenton they 2 GREAT guys! Viper Techs, Great. I have used them on 2 occasions. Dave
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    ISO Gen 3/4 Viper

    Hello, I have GEN 3, Viper Red Conv. Mint Stock Dave
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    Has anyone bought or sold on BAT ?

    Has anyone bought or sold on BAT ? Is this web site up & up ? For real ? Some of these prices are crazy ? Thanks
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    DIY: Oil Change (Gen. 3 & Gen 4.)

    Great job on reporting.

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