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    Ralph wants/needs an automatic

    I bet most, if not all, of the AMG ones are torque managed down low so the transmission doesn't go flying apart.
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    official repair manual for 2008 viper

    Anyone selling their DVD? I'm looking for one.
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    There's probably another 3 seconds that the 2010 ACR could have wrung out under perfect conditions, like all other manufacturers wait to get for that the Viper never gets (time and budgetary constraints). Still, knocking 20 seconds off would be really tough. I wonder if a horsepower bumped Gen V...
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    Possible C7 Z06 detail

    MacLaren MP4-12c comes standard without CCBs. Haven't heard anyone say its braking is poor but they have CCB options now too.
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    I bet everyone else said the same thing before the 2008 ACR came out too. The game is much more competitive these days though.
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    George, The Nismo that ran the record time is a pretty unique machine, apparently the tune may not even be available in all markets (ie. not street legal or might have long term durability issues). Also the configuration is pretty specific as well...I'd guess that the GT-R Nismo is closer to an...
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    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    Ask all of the supercar hybrids to average their record runs over 3 consecutive laps. :P
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    2008 Viper Acceleration - "like pullling an old man out of his chair" . . .

    Mopar PCM seems to have helped my 2008 ACR. Seemed to take a while to re-learn, or maybe my right foot has been re-learned. :P Still, it doesn't seem as immediate as it could be. Hoping that the PCM could be unlocked/tuned or even refitted with a Gen V PCM since I've read that the lag has been...
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    NEW LED Lighting Options for Gen-3 & 4!

    Pectel Intelligent Color Display.
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    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    SRT already has a good idea of what the Gen V will do around the ring. Their simulation for the Gen IV ACR was pretty darn close. The biggest problem that SRT faces is budgetary (as usual). Almost all the other players have year-round offices at the 'ring, they have extended testing facilities...
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    Received the VCA membership "pitch letter" today.

    As usual it's posted everywhere else but here.
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    SEMA - Mopar Blue Gen 5 Viper at Mopar Booth

    Is that the new blue that they are having the contest to name? Maybe that's all it's there for... :-(
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    Chrysler Sales

    There is little irony in that if you saw the auto sales numbers in Europe, and that Fiat and Peugeot were in danger of failing. Typical story for Chrysler, ripe as a takeover target because it is the smallest of the big three, and way stronger as a business than MB or Fiat ever was. Marchionne...
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    SCT for the Gen 5

    This is true. All the manufacturers have locked their ECUs down, but the size of their markets make it well worth pursuing by third parties to unlock it. The 08+ Venom engine controller is not only a small market, the controller and bus architecture are very specific to the Viper.
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    Sure why not? The guy had never ridden in a Viper before and I had the time. Spread the Viper joy. :drive:
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    At the risk of derailing the thread, I was gassing up across the street from Derrick Dodge in Edmonton and one of the sales guys was at the next pump. He told me they had a Gen V in the showroom so I drove on over in my ACR. They had no problems showing the car to me and told me to hop in, then...
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    Raffle car

    Heh. Irony abounds.
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    Raffle car

    If Dan's kind of post was put up the week of the draw I'm sure there'd be a lot less 'rabble rousing' and starting of rumours. As the draw happened on August 30th, I don't think anyone prior to Dan deserves any accolades for being forthright. Denigrating the people who were asking basic...
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    My vote for the next ACR

    Yep, right now I'd push for the convertible and an automatic/DCT whatever (horrors) just to get the bloody numbers up, and done cheaply. Once the volume is there then the team can approach 'the Sergio.' Until then, asking for development dollars for a Gen V ACR will seem like a career limiting move.
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    New track record set by Michelin

    The Viper should be a big problem for everyone else... :crazy2:
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    Let's try to help SRT save/sell the GEN V.

    I think you can thank the guys who put together the business case for a lot of the screw ups. I think they set the pricing scheme up as well. Senior management and the board usually just greenlight the spending, so I bet there's a lot of pursed lips and icy silence going around whenever the...
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    Jalopnik seems to get it

    No publication is truly objective, especially if they take advertising, but SRT screwed up big time with that particular car and gave MT plenty of ammunition to punish SRT for being so careless.

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