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    Going to pick up a 2001 ACR on Saturday. What do I need to know?

    Smartest thing to do is take a Viper Tech. with you - failing that, an experienced Viper owner. It's a must to look underneath - I'd find someway to have it put on a lift.(Warning-most people don't know anything about how to do this correctly and it's easy to damage something if the person has...
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    Taking delivery on my '01 ACR tomorrow (traded for my '08 coupe)

    Congratulations on your ACR - my pick also - after several years I took off the comp. springs and shocks (The ride was beating the hell out of me on our crappy Oklahoma roads and highways) and put on stock viper springs and shocks and got a "street able ride". (I'm keeping the comp's. - they are...
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    A wolf hidden among the sheep?

    I forgot to mention the cars were grouped together by production year. With the performance difference in '96 and '97 between the Corvette and the Viper, sheep and wolf seemed appropriate. Like many of you I have owned vettes and they are great cars. I just prefer my Viper.
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    A wolf hidden among the sheep?

    I watched "Corvette Nation" last night. They were show-casing a collection of 100 vettes a guy and his 3 sons had. (in the Netherlands I think). While working on customers vettes as their business, these guys have collected a lot of vette parts as well as their own collection of vettes. As the...
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    Third time on the dyno.

    Very respectable numbers for what you did which was allowing the engine to breath better. 38 HP increase and 44 ft. lbs. of torque. Total cost around $1600?
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    Road test of the new Viper on Speed channel

    Set your DVR's: Road test of the new Viper is listed to come on twice this week on the speed channel (728 SPDHD / 67 SPEED - cox cable - in Oklahoma). Times are as follows: Tues. 1/15 @ 5:30-6:00 P.M. central. It will be rerun Fri. 1/18 @ 12:30-1:00 P.M. central. Most of the rest of the week...
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    96GTS with 40 miles for sale AGAIN!

    Well done!!!! I'll never understand the left's hatred of capitolism? They are willing to settle for so much less as long as someone else earns it for them!
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    Need input from The Viper Nation

    Will the store at the plant sell VCA merchandise also? While all Viper owners are interested in the newer cars, it makes sense that there are more owners of the earlier cars who didn't buy their cars new, and are looking for clothing, collectables, etc., representing the earlier cars. I've had...
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    I added nitrogen filled instead of regular air on all of the PS2's on my 1994 RT10..

    Re: I added nitrogen filled instead of regular air on all of the PS2's on my 1994 RT Nitrogen fill in this area is $5 / tire and they vacuum pump all the air out. It is suppost to be better for tire sensors because of the moisture issue.
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    VCA Shirts & Hats

    I checked in my "sent" email and didn't find it - I tried to send it when I was at the store site. I am somewhat clutsy with a computer so whatever I did, it didn't take.
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    VCA Shirts & Hats

    Thanks so much for your answer. My thinking was if there were enough members reading this thread who also wanted this kind of apparel and who answered so on this thread it could be made to happen (cost affective). That doesn't appear to be so at this time. (maybe later)
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    VCA Shirts & Hats

    I keep looking in the VCA store to see if they have VCA shirts, hats, patches, or emblems to put on a car window. They used to sell these with either Pete or fangs but it appears what they have now are geared to members with newer cars and N.ring apparel. Anyone know what the deal is? There are...
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    Tom Hnatiw dead 7/30/12

    The voice of Viper Cup racing for the first two seasons, Dream Car Garage, and numerous other "car programs", has passed. I saw this at the tail end of the newest broadcast of SRT Viper Cup racing broadcast on NBCSPHD yesterday (Wednesday) cox cable channel 716 - 3:30-4:00P.M. central. I googled...
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    2013 Viper racing now on TV

    FYI : Mid Ohio track sports car race going on now on ABC channel. Racing to go another hour or more. Started telecast at 1PM central. Mentioned the new Viper making its debue at 1:20 with a glimps of the car.
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    Another Viper Wreck, Coventry RI

    FYI: A instructor I know who teaches conceal carry classes tells his students one of the main things to do after you are in a gun fight is to check yourself for bullet wounds. He states that in a situation of high stress like a gun fight (or a car wreck), you may well be injured and not realize it.
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    Almost crashed tonight...

    Another thing :eater:- those "panhandlers" with signs are in just about every large city in the country. Tulsa probably has at least a dozen or two "working" the city's intersections at any one time, day in and day out, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is the "profession" of a high...
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    Almost crashed tonight...

    You would have surely flatspotted the tires if your car didn't have ABS. You probably still lost some rubber but with ABS it was distributed around the circumfrence of the tires instead of just one place. This is just one advantage '01 and newer Vipers have over the older Vipers without ABS.
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    Off to Le-Mans 2012 where the new GTS-R is

    Great pictures!! I'm surprised to see Michelins on the race car. Aren't Perellies (excuse the spelling) the manufacture tire of choice for the '13 street Viper? I guess there is no law saying the race teams have to use the same brand tire that SRT will sell on street Vipers and recommend for...
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    Any 1998 Viper owner looking for this?

    It came with GenII cars and explained some basics for those cars (soft top use, opening hood, etc.) and was around 30 minutes in length.
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    Viper SRT10s at Walmart

    Just got back from Walmart with one "Road Rippers" Lightning Rod Viper SRT10 coupe in orange-has buttons for lights and sound. Warning-Extremely difficult to unpack-a one way trip-you'll be lucky, or very patient to unpack without damaging packing(6 minute phillip screws & tie downs you have to...
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    Offical Production numbers for Gen 2 ACR's?

    According to the Viper registry there were 35 solid red ACRs built in 2000.
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    New 2013 Viper looks like a "Chick Car"

    I watched it live last night and was impressed with what I saw - lots of 2nd Gen. styling cues which were high on most peoples list- not crazy about the hood styling (might look better in the flesh )- I trust the hood opening and closing is better than 2nd Gen.(ease and simplicity)- many people...
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    Fuel injection cleaner necessary?

    Thanks guys, I do use the best premium 100% gas (91 octane) I can find all the time, I was just wondering if there was ever a need for the cleaners.
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    Fuel injection cleaner necessary?

    Does anyone out there use (on a regular basis) FI cleaner added to their gas as a preventative maintenance? If so what and how often. Thanks
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    As for jackstands I have four cubes of wood 12" x12" x 12" I use one at each of 4 points under the frame and also stack pieces of 2" x 6" flat on top of the cubes to give me as much room as I need. Kind of simple and old-school but I had the wood and it doesn't harm the frame and is rock steady...

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