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    96 Viper GTS valve cover differences?

    Super old thread here - but did we ever get to the bottom of this? I have an early 96 GTS (VIN #225) and I also have the valve covers with the knockouts instead of the sneaky Pete logo. I’ve been wondering why!!
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    96 GTS Alarm Issue

    Thanks Steve! Can’t wait for our next chat. You’re a huge asset to the viper community
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    96 GTS Alarm Issue

    Awesome thank you. I’ll give you a call tomorrow to discuss.
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    96 GTS Alarm Issue

    I know this has already been discussed but it seems that all of the answers have been given via pm (understandably). Can anyone help me out??? I recently purchased a 96 GTS and am having a similar issue. I came out to my car the other day and my fob was dead. Used the key to get in the trunk...

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