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    Make your existence known.

    The Smoker you are, the player you get
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    New appreciation

    Wow! All this time I thought that those "signature vehicles" that people use to conclude their posts.............have been cars that they've owned PREVIOUS TO OWNING A VIPER. For me (until now) it's been one car at a time, at least since I've been happily divorced. :)
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    New appreciation

    Since I got my '01 RT-10 three and a half years ago, the car finally has some company now. It's a new SUV. The point is, the Viper was an absolute work horse for 40+ months as my "daily (and only) driver." Drove like a champ. (and not exactly highway miles) Constant driving has it's...
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    End Lease to Purchase conversion. Help appreciated.

    Hello again: I just want to thank everyone who was kind enough to respond. Some great ideas were posted and some options were mentioned that I had never considered. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to do with the car. I do have quite a bit invested in it now. I know this Viper and...
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    End Lease to Purchase conversion. Help appreciated.

    The bank notified me that I have 10 payments left before my 48 month lease on my '01 Sapphire Blue RT/10 is up. They're suggesting I convert the lease and buy the car now. The company I work for has generously made all the monthly payments, and will continue to lease end. They're also...
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    35 months now since my car's "born on" date so I had it in the shop to take care of some interior and trim issues, that I know will not be covered under the extended. The Dodge Dealer (no names) took care of the issues and delivered the car to me fully washed and detailed. Unfortunately, the...
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    Florida Viper moving to Vegas. Advice appreciated.

    Red 93 RT: Thanks for the input. So how often do you acutally drive your car out there? Sounds like in the summer its' pretty much evenings only? Is it OK to valet up front (park yourself) at some of the casinos? Any dead battery issues out there with all that heat or do you just make sure...
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    Florida Viper moving to Vegas. Advice appreciated.

    Looks like I'll be calling Henderson, NV my new home at the end of '04. I'm going to miss it here alot and I'm admittedly a bit nervous about the change. I grew up down here in Ft. Lauderdale, went to UF for 4 years, came back to S. Florida and have lived in Broward or Palm Beach counties ever...
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    Speed Sensor, Florida Red #91 Bitten, RT-10 Back Window

    Well, I went into Accardi Dodge on Friday (formerly Pompano Beach Dodge) to get my speedo looked at. (I posted a message here last week that the needle would flick up to 120mph for no idle) Was not the battery, but infact the speed sensor which according to parts dept is on...
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    0 to 120 in snap! Please help

    Thanks for the replies up until now. Sounds like this may not be too serious of an item.
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    0 to 120 in snap! Please help

    Ya know, at first I thought it was my imagination. Once in a while I'd be sitting at a light and I'd swear the speedo would flick up to 100+. Today I caught it! I was actually looking right at the speedometer while sitting at a light at idle, and watched the needle flick up to 120 mph right...
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    Seat lowering kit observations

    2 years out of the showroom and 10,000 miles later, I finally got around to putting in the Northwind seat lowering kit that I've read so much about on this site. (I should have done this WAY earlier) I'm 6' tall and although the mod may have never been a necessity, I thought it would truely be...
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    Robb Report on Viper

    Was skimming through a recent copy of Robb Report this weekend and was surprised to find a Viper review inside. Had only good things to say. Here's one of the more memorable analogies: "It's like a big, friendly dog that you can pat vigorously, every palm-smack eliciting a solid, meaty...
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    Airing it out

    Had my daily driver RT/10 a year and a half now and it's almost hard to believe it hasn't been on a road trip ...until now. Start point was Boca Raton and I took it 2 1/2 hours north to a convention in Orlando. Had the soft top on, and driving conditions were sunny and cool. (high 60s)...
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    New Florida Plate This Weekend - Pic

    Miami Jeff (aka ASPMAN) You have BY FAR the coolest plate, period. I remember when you got the tag and I was bummed 'cause I knew it was now taken in FL. Some guys claim to be a "leg man" or a "breast man" but we know there's nothing quite like being an "asp man." And as you well know, here...
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    New Florida Plate This Weekend - Pic

    Antenna is located up on the back ledge (centered behind the seats) About the size of a small fist.
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    New Florida Plate This Weekend - Pic

    Got a new tag this weekend and I had to take a quick pic and share it. I'm really hooked on this vehicle and I think this plate shows much more Viper spirit than my old tag. Will in all likelihood change this to my new avatar but if you compare it with my old one, you may see some additional...
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    Soft top on during road trip

    I'm going to be going a road trip next week and was wondering how durable the RT/10 soft top is over a lengthy drive. Ya know how you see some rag tops on the highway, and when they start moving at a pretty good clip the convertible top starts to "bubble up." I wouldn't imagine this being the...
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    Update XM Radio in Viper

    A few months back I posted some shots of the intall. All in all, I thought it was a pretty tight job. The antenna head is located on the rear console between the seats (in front of the rear plexi glass) The antenna head itself is smaller than the size of a fist. Yes, the symbol of the...
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    Raffle Winner

    I heard that was ticket #2000. Good for you man. Enjoy !
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    Update XM Radio in Viper

    Been a few months now that I've had XM radio in my RT/10 and have had no "side effects" to report. After my first post on the subject, someone replied by saying the internally mounted XM antenna was causing them headaches. I simply don't believe it. Mind you, I HAVE HAD some positive news to...
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    First ticket - It had to come sooner or later

    Wish I could tell you it was a major drama and I got nabbed for doing a huge sideways slide right in front of a State Trooper but I have no such story to pass on. Comin' North on Federal Hwy in Pompano (3 lanes wide) at 12:30 am doin 62 in 45 and missed the Florida Highway Patrol unit on the...
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    Down shifting question .....and other stuff

    Hi All: It's been a while since I've been on here and I see there are quite a few changes, new faces etc. - Last time I posted was about the 3" Corsa system with HF cats I had just gotten from Jon B, and I'm still happy as ever with this particular set up. I mean I drive the car every day and...
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    \"Dated\"...............face True story: Met a guy at the gas station last night who said he thought the body style of the Viper (Gen 2 car ...and gen 1 car for that matter) was "dated." He used that exact word..."dated." I explained to this moron that although he was entitled to an...
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    Corsa Exhaust System - Observations

    Thanks for the positive comments. I haven't had the car on a dyno yet. From what I've heard there are nominal hp increases 25 hp or so. Just took a look at my old avatar and realized those are the stock tips! They look so strange. This is the excuse I've been looking for to get another...

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