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    trading my ZL1 for a 15 SRT

    That fully loaded black GTS for $92K is a smoking deal. I love the color combo.
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    Reproduction 19" and 20" Viper wheels?

    Nobody makes stock looking Viper replacement 19/20s. The demand is too small for such a wheel, not many Vipers on the road. The closest idea would be the Forgestar F14 wheels. Tony
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    Short throw advice needed

    MGW or you are wasting your time. It is THAT good.
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    Poor Quality control issue

    It might not have happened at the plant. Teenagers around here have been stealing emblems and hood ornaments off of high-dollar cars for years. Could have had one of them attempt to steal your emblem, but couldn't get it off. Something to consider.
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    2016 Viper ACR and the Nurburgring lap time...

    Spoken like someone who doesn't even set foot on a road course. If you did, you would know how wrong you are. Viper TA is faster around the track than the Huracan, and I've been at track days where they both ran. The Huracan still has the understeer issues that the Gallardo has, when pushed...
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    How To: Shift Faster

    You are absolutely correct, the Viper has an engagement point about 2/3 up from the floor, along the pedal travel. But, when I'm slamming the pedal, I want to eliminate thinking about that engagement point, so I slam the pedal all the way down each time to keep things consistent. A pedal stop...
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    Ralph at MidOhio in his GTS playin with a GT3

    Ralph's wife drives a white 991 GT3. I wonder if that was her in the Porsche.
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    Gen V as a DD?

    My wife drives our Gen 5 to work 2-3 days per week, if the weather is nice. They can be driven daily, but be prepared for a lot of attention on the roads and the parking lots - even when you don't want it.
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    How To: Shift Faster

    Powershifting still uses the clutch. Powershifting simply means not lifting off the throttle while shifting. Nobody races a synchronized manual transmission without using the clutch, that will just wear down the teeth on the sychronizers and cause the trans to start grinding every gear.
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    New 2015 Viper GT Owner - DFW, TX

    I took some photos of it! Sorry for the drool left on the hood though.
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    New 2015 Viper GT Owner - DFW, TX

    Congrats! That is one of my favorite color combos. Was that the car at Tomball Dodge?
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    VPA Announcement

    Well written announcement. Seems like a well planned and logical move.
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    How To: Shift Faster

    Adjustable pedals are for comfort, because we don't have a telescoping steering column. So, this makes us have to adjust to the steering wheel position. I actually use a different seating position when I roadcourse race, focused more on arm leverage and comfort for a 30 min ses session. Not...
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    2013 gts limited Edition - doors not fully aligned to body panel

    It is a pretty easy fix at the dealership. I had my passenger door stick out a little like that on my '14, it took Morgan at Tomball Dodge about 20 minutes to loosen the hinges and move the door properly aligned.
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    How To: Shift Faster

    I'm 5'-11", but the Gen 5 seat moves about 3" further back than it does in my Gen 3. I usually drive my Gen 3 with the seat all the way back, but the Gen 5 I have to move it up a little in order to be able to slam the clutch to the floor without locking my knee.
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    How To: Shift Faster

    I wrote an article on how to improve your shifting precision and speed. Having helped a number of people at the track, I decided an article to reference and share would be useful. Hope it helps! Tony
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    2016 Viper Now Can Be Ordered

    Looks like they added metallic pearl to the Comp Blue. That might look good.
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    Carbon valve covers are almost done

    I would like a pair with the carbon weave that closely matches the OEM carbon x-brace, with white sections painted (if these look similar to stock). Otherwise, full carbon preferred. Tony
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    Viper vs Vette - drag strip tested

    LOL @ "destroying the car". Powershifting (shifting without lifting throttle) isn't any harder than simply shifting fast. I'm not on the rev limiter, and my clutch in/out is faster than a slow shifting person that rides the clutch too long between shifts. In fact, several GM cars even have a...
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    Neither of my Gen 5 cars have wheel hop. That is mostly driver error. Try lowering the rear tire psi to 28, and controlling the throttle more gradually.
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    2006 First Edition, Who Has One?

    My #166 is VIN 0382 New thread rule, no posting updates without a photo of your car!
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    Sorry to see this Wayne. Hope that guy dies in a fire.
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    Downshift to brake?

    Bill P, I also practice my heel-toe downshifts. But that isn't the same thing as purposely downshifting into a lower gear to basically jake-brake a gas engine. Heel-toe still uses the brake to slow the car down. The other does not. Heel-toe is basically blipping the throttle to increase the...
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    Downshift to brake?

    He asked for our OPINIONS. Sorry I didn't sugar-coat it, so that you'd not get your feelings hurt. If I saw you downshifting your car to pull up to a redlight, I'd laugh at you. These guys usually have loud exhaust too, so that they can let other cars around them know how badass they are...

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