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    Problem with door

    I have a 2014 that the passenger door won't open, it has been several weeks since it's last wash and the door did function after the wash If it keeps up guess I'll take it in.
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    Anyone from Kansas City area

    I am! I'm in lees summit. We have several members out your way, KC is a pretty active region. Pm me and I will get you hooked up!
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    Blind spot

    I get the same thing but what's really irritating is my name is Darryl! :rolaugh:
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    Blind spot

    It's why so many of us back into our parking spots! I had a GenIV ACR before my TA, I was looking forward to the new car cause I would have more visibility out the back.............not so much! Just remember things behind you are in the past. Remember what Forrest Gump said "You gotta put the...
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    Chris Marshall Alley Post

    As the grandson of a Battle of the Bulge veteran and the great nephew of an uncle that lost his life on Omaha beach I would point out that Chris Marshall is not like Hitler and the situation does not resemble your reference. This is a perfect example of the idiocy on BOTH sides of the issue...
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    Should I wait for the 2015 refresh

    Only you know what's best for you but I would rather drive now and enjoy it. History tells you that Viper refreshes do not tend to include performance upgrades in fact Viper refreshes do not happen often. You buy now and the alleged refreshed car is a bit better. Are you a good enough driver to...
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    VOI Caravan

    I'm driving down from Kansas City!
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    Should I wait for the 2015 refresh

    Who knows? But man there are some smoking deals out there right now! Just bought a TA and it is amazing! I will not regret my 14 when they do the refresh.
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    Dealers with 2014 GTS

    Gladstone Dodge in Kansas City has several and they are easy to deal with. Ask for Troy.
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    My Old 96

    Felt that way about my sapphire coupe after buying my 08 ACR, then I bought a TA and I don't miss either:)
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    I didn't use double sided tape. Seems ok but I'll drive a bit and see how it goes.
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    Just an update,I just received jetstars cf sills. He was great to deal with and the sills look amazing I ordered the cf with orange viper lettering to match my TA's interior, it matches perfectly.He does great work and I highly recommend him and the sills. When I get the chance I will be...
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    Highest mileage gen iv acrs?

    I had 22k on an 08, by the way it was one of the strongest running GenIV's at dyno days!
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    Bad news...decided to sell the car

    Man that sucks! Sounds like ya got perspective. Keep at it we want ya back!
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    Legal advice/tips regarding failed 06 FE purchase?

    As many on the forum do I own a business and we pride ourselves In doing what's right regardless of profit. When I hear these stories it gets my blood to boil. People like this need a firm Bi%*ch slap. Repeatedly................... Ill be glad to slap if you get tired:)
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    Legal advice/tips regarding failed 06 FE purchase?

    If you can afford it financially, make him pay! They do it because so many "turn the other cheek"
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    Drive one and you will buy one!

    Black #13 I agree simply amazing!
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    Pass on your support for the Gen V and its team to Ralph Gilles

    I have lucky black 13!!!!!!!!! Daaaaaaamn SRT hit that out of the park! Thought my GenIV ACR was the bomb, not so much compared to the TA. The highest compliment I can give is the miles I'm going to lay down in it this year:)
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    2008 Viper ACR Price

    Msp I love the TA! There is as much difference between the GenV and GenIV as there is from II to IV Having said that the ACR I traded in was bullet proof and ran very strong! Other than some chipping the car is very clean. Driving that car was a religious experience:) If your in the market it's...
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    Paint Protection Film Recommendations and Prices

    I have a 2014 TA the quote to cover nose, hood, roof and rocker panels with xpel was $2600.00 Films can yellow but many times that is do to dirt and the film can be cleaned. Also xpel is much easier to remove if needed If I had a Stryker red car I would cover the entire car, cant imagine...
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    Purchasing a 2008 ACR

    That low of miles the paint should be nearly perfect. GenIV's are not known for their paint! It chips easily and often if it doesn't have a clear bra installed. Do you care if the car was tracked? If so check the suspension for any adjustments. My 08 had a piece of tape on each shock that would...
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    The dreaded gas mileage question!

    Lmao! I haven't found a boring spot on the TA! But cruise control could be it.
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    The dreaded gas mileage question!

    I can deal with 250 miles per tank, I get tired of pumping gas:)
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    The dreaded gas mileage question!

    Good point,the difference in 5th and 6th is significant in the GenV compared to my 08 ACR. Pedal discipline????? I've never been good at that:)
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    The dreaded gas mileage question!

    My ACr was significantly better on the highway. But a richer tune for the first 1k would explain the extra consumption. It does appear to be running rich now that I think about it.

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