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  1. h-w-c

    Show your coolest license plates!

    Used this on both my Gen II and Gen V. Partial to Race Yellow!
  2. h-w-c

    Complete Set of Sidewinder II Wheels in Matte Black

    Price lowered to $3200. Somebody needs a great set of wheels.
  3. h-w-c

    Complete Set of Sidewinder II Wheels in Matte Black

    I have a complete set of Sidewinder II ultra-light wheels in Matte Black for sale. Includes (2) 18" x 10.5" and (2) 19" x 13" wheels. These were installed in January 2017 and removed last month from service. No curb rash or defects. Includes 24 black fluted lug nuts with installation socket...
  4. h-w-c

    Hydraulic cooling fan.. why?

    Just having gone through this painful "fitting" experiences myself, I now see that engineering DOES know and admit there is a problem. Why are the 52088914AA fittings still being sold? Why does the computer also want you to purchase a 52088116AB that DOESN'T fit the hose? My dealer is pulling...
  5. h-w-c

    GTS Interior Door Handles/Switches

    Thanks! Will pin out the harness this weekend. I know the handle switch OHM's okay, so it might be in the harness. Looks like door handle has never been a service item with Mopar and can't be bought without purchasing the WHOLE door panel. Stupid!
  6. h-w-c

    GTS Interior Door Handles/Switches

    Does someone have the part number for a 2002 GTS driver's interior door handle or switch assembly? Dealer can't seem to find in computer. Thanks!

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