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  1. Brian Woodiwiss

    Autoform Hardtop ***SOLD***

    It’s in the first post. But top is now SOLD.
  2. Brian Woodiwiss

    Autoform Hardtop ***SOLD***

    Thanks. Much appreciated! It is a bad ass add on, for sure! Everyone talks about them, I put one up for sale... no bites! WTF? SML...
  3. Brian Woodiwiss

    Autoform Hardtop ***SOLD***

    Ah... okay seems fair. I didn't even realize you could see the link or source site. I'll use something neutral. Thanks! ***UPDATE*** FIXED.
  4. Brian Woodiwiss

    Autoform Hardtop ***SOLD***

    Odd. Pics went down. PM me if you want some or shoot me an email. Not sure why they don't work though...
  5. Brian Woodiwiss

    Autoform Hardtop ***SOLD***

    Hey guys: My Autoform hard top is now for sale. It was originally white. Repainted Black with PPG base and a House of Color Acrylic Clear. No damage. Weights under 50lbs. Easy to install and really makes the VERT easier to drive on days with poor weather or high winds. Never driven in rain...
  6. Brian Woodiwiss

    New Gen III Owner!

    Gorgeous car! Love the AUTOFORM rear lip. I'm considering that and his front lower splitter... Enjoy that gas pedal!

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