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    AC needs recharging every year?

    just wondering if others experience same.
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    Power window switch questions

    Awesome!! Thanks for the answer and posting the vid!
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    Power window switch questions

    Hi All! I have a 2001 GTS. The passenger side window switch started causing problems and now doesn't work. I was able to find the part online. Two questions: 1. is the passenger side switch the same as the driver side switch? If so, I'll order 2. 2. is there any how-to instructions? I've...
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    Calgary noise bylaw

    I wasn't able to make it, but curious if anyone had their viper tested?
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    Power window switch?

    Great post. Had to replace the driver-side switch today. All good. Cheers, Kevin
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    anyone gonna be ready early april?

    Here's the Calgary street cleaning schedule. The City of Calgary: Sweeping Schedule
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    345/30/19s on Gen 2 without rubbing?

    Anyone have pics of their 19" or 20" on a Gen II?
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    testing window motor?

    Electrical Contact Cleaner Worked for me!! Great post!! This Forum Rocks!
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    Alberta Roll Call

    To: "All Blue ACR" Yes, no stripes. Sapphire Blue & Cognac interior. I could be that guy! ... I hear the same thing!
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    Alberta Roll Call

    Nice Pics!!
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    Who do you use in Calgary?

    I was taking my 2001 Viper GTS to Big 4 Jeep up and until the mechanic left. I now take it to Courtesy. I'm very curious where others take their Vipers for regular maintenance? Also thinking about getting a Roe supercharger. Who would you use to install it? Cheers!
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    Asps in Jasper

    Yes! I'm up the another Jasper trip!! Minus any windshield incidents!! Cheers!
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    2008 Viper vs 2007 Z06 Review

    Hopefully not a repost. This is an awesome review! 08 Viper Review - Video Cheers! Kevin
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    A few pictures from Viper weekend in Jasper

    Great post Tyler!!! We had a blast this weekend, even if I had to leave a day earlier!!! Great stuff!! Kevin
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    All Sapphire GTS/ACR owners please step in.

    Yes, I have a Sapphire GTS ... Love it!! 01 GTS, no stripe, cognac interior 2nd owner, bought with 3500 miles 18K miles I put on 3.55 rear, k&n filters, headers, smooth tubes & corsa
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    My First Video

    Nicely done!
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    Where can I get 3.55 gears?

    Yes, I purchased mine from JonB also. Awesome!
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    Things to do in London?

    Thanks!! We hit the Lamb & Flag yesterday for a few pints! Thanks again! Also did Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar SQ, Piccadilly SQ and about 3 other pubs. Having a bunch of fun! Cheers!
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    Things to do in London?

    Good stuff!! Thanks so much!! So, one more question, what is oldest pub in London?
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    Things to do in London?

    Ok my UK Viper friends ... my wife & brother and I will be through London later this month ... we're there for about 5 days before heading to Lisbon. Can you provide me the "for sure" things to do??? Thanks in advance!!
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    Anyone send their glovebox to be signed by carroll shelby

    Pics of a signed Gen II glovebox??
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    ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas from us Canadians! Have a good one ... eh! :2tu: Cheers
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    Please share your best "Viper" desk-top photo

    Re: Please share your best \"Viper\" desk-top photo Anyone know what the tires & rims are on this one? Beauty!

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