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    Raffle Announcement

    This past Friday, August 30, 2013, the tickets were drawn for the prizes in the most recent VCA raffle. The names associated with the tickets that were drawn were as follows: 1. David Greenleaf Ticket #527 2. David Schaffer Ticket # 1508 3. Mark Edwards Ticket #...
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    Anyone had to replace a rear tire on a V yet?

    Paul, welcome back, great to see you here, sent you a PM.
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    First pictures interior carbon fiber!!

    Ummm, I already answered it. And I did so after checking with SRT, it's real carbon fiber with a not so glossy surface as it's in the interior.
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    First pictures interior carbon fiber!!

    Gotta love trhe Gen V forum, some of you guys would argue what shade the sky was. lol. Real Carbon Fiber guys..........:headbang:
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    First pictures interior carbon fiber!!

    SRT was kind enough to send us some pro pics of the carbon fiber interior on the raffle car. STUNNING! And of course the car can be yours if you buy a ticket in the next 24 hours! Click below, there are only a few tickets left!
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    when will I get my raffle tickets? when its over?

    This happens with every raffle, the mailing dates are clearly stated on the flyer containing all the rules, no one ever reads the fine print about when the mailings take place. Even if you buy a ticket on the last day of availability there is a time lag built in to allow the tickets to reach...
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    06 paint code for silver stripes

    They are on Facebook and Twitter, give 'em a shout.
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    Carbon Fiber Exterior Question Cheaper way to get all that carbon fiber! All three groups, Exterior, Interior, and Aero. There's a lot more than just the two pieces mentioned in the post above in the interior group. And you can always get individual pricing form VPA. Carbon Fiber...
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    New viper owner question about steering effort

    That's a classic, I'm saving that one.
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    Gen V Walkaround Impressions

    We're talkin' Jeeps and good dealers here, read the posts.
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    Gen V Walkaround Impressions

    There's an SRT dealer in Houston other than Tomball?:dunno: Give Bernie a call or PM him. PM me if you need contact information. He can fix you up with the Jeep and you will be supporting a dealer that supports the Viper and does not tack on charges.
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    Yes, Twitter changed their protocols and VB software cannot pull content anymore. We may find a workaround but not at this point.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    25% of the tickets sold out in the first week, that never happened before. I need to check again.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    From the flyer. 20. Tickets will be mailed out in two groups around July 1st and August 19th.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    At the point it was announced we were not sure of a final number as some of the Carbon Fiber packages had not been priced. Remember this will be the first car with all three packages installed. We can check again this week.
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    '08 Convert Production # Breakdown??

    The charts in Viper magazine are accurate (with a few rare exceptions in 2010) and are compiled by SRT. here's 2008 production by color.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    It's your choice.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    Nope, SRT shots.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    CLICK HERE to buy raffle tickets for the 2013 Gen 5 SRT Viper!! The first raffle of any gen 5 is now open!! The first raffle of 2013 and the first raffle of any Gen 5 is now open! Four chances for FOUR PRIZES! FIRST PRIZE: This Gen 5 car in Adrenaline Red car is verified by SRT to be the...
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    Illustrated Upgrades

    Here you go.
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    Alcantara Option for the Future

    Possibly more hair? Mullet or otherwise? :D
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    Where is the update on ex-VCA Members potential ability to join?

    No one is saying no to this idea at this point. It would absolutely make sense to me to give an honorable opportunity (without faking a VIN) to remain in the club for those who had to move on with the sale of their car if they wanted to continue to pay dues and remain part of the club.
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    Hopeful Owner of Launch Edition

    Bidding? Seriously? Do yourself a favor and make some comparisons with a few of our long time and trusted site supporting dealers. They won't charge you over MSRP and they are the largest and best known dealers in the country. No way you should have to suffer through what I am assuming is the...
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    SRT Viper Goes Italian with Abarth Venom: 2012 SEMA Show

    Abarth (pronounced Abart) history is pretty interesting, he was very much like Carroll Shelby, watch it to the end and even in his late 50's he pulled off an amazing racing feat. Legendary company history is interesting as well, very serious and long history as modifiers of Italian cars for high...
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    Hurricane Sandy

    Having a good time here in Maryland. Love that big Honda Generator! Power gone a few hours back, winds 50 to 80, sounds like a V0 at the top of second gear when it winds up, huge Oak trees moving back and forth a few feet is the scariest. Full moon high tide at 7am the next problem for those of...

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