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  1. Batboy

    27 Years of Viper

    Hey George! Miss ya brother. Hope all is well down in Texas. Probably better than here in VA, but don't get me started. Here's a little reminiscence photo.
  2. Batboy

    Window Sticker Reproduction Help for 2008 SRT-10

    I bought one from Pattymelt about too 100 years ago. It's still hanging in my garage next to the snake as I type. Awesome job! I should have bought ten of them.
  3. Batboy

    Happy May the 4th... Be With You

    Many of you have probably seen this but it's worth revisiting.
  4. Batboy

    WANTED: Best Place to Buy Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

    Need a new TPS for my '99 GTS. Should I just get one from rockauto or go for the genuine thing? If genuine who would you buy through? I did a quick search to no avail. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  5. Batboy

    Email Confirmations for new members

    I got an email from [email protected], which led me to this thread. I assume I'm good to go?
  6. Batboy

    VOI 14 just got more exciting!

    WoooHoooo! My back yard! Please let the track be summit point. Please please please. Can't wait!
  7. Batboy

    Looking for Suggestions...Transmission Fluid, Tran Filter and Thermostat

    For the thermostat I would recommend the Roe Racing one. I have it along with the fan kit.
  8. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat Aug 8th 11am-2ish

    Thanks for coming out Tony. I'll post a couple pics tonight or tomorrow. Didn't get a chance last weekend. I'm considering a little local lunch this Saturday. Playing golf at 2 pm but maybe something around 11 am. I'll let you know.
  9. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat Aug 8th 11am-2ish

    Weather looks to be fabulous on Saturday. Low 80's and no rain. Remember, I-95 ***** on Saturday so plan accordingly. While we will not be driving on I-95 you will likely need to to use it to get there. The museum is right off I-95. But you could always come early and check out the museum...
  10. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat Aug 8th 11am-2ish

    Good talking to you this weekend Tony. Hope you had a great time in Annapolis. Hopefully this weekend we can get a few others out and have a nice little drive.
  11. Batboy

    GTS inspection

    I would. Mine has 46K on the original clutch. It still pulls hard with no slipage. My tech has never brought it up. One thing my tech has nagged me about is my Ubolts being worn. I still haven't replaced them and have tracked the car at least once since then. If it's a low mile car with a...
  12. Batboy

    GTS inspection

    Thanks for the clarification Paul. I was never quite sure about this one. I knew the stripes were painted on after the car is painted, but wasn't sure how the clear coat was applied. I know there is a post about it somewhere.
  13. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat Aug 8th 11am-2ish

    Hey everyone. Time for another US Marine Corps Museum Cruise and lunch. Details are below. I-95 now has the express toll lanes. The lanes should be southbound until 2 pm. They reopen north bound at 4 pm. I strongly recommend using them if you’re coming from the north. This is a toll road...
  14. Batboy

    GTS inspection

    Few things to look for: Discoloration on the side sills - If they get real hot they will discolor Brownish color on the Viper Emblem of the front calipers - again, if it's discolored it means they have gotten very hot Both of these imply the car has been driven hard or raced. Also check all...
  15. Batboy

    Considering Selling my 1999 Rt Viper, Roe Supercharger.

    Pics? Seems like a fair price. I actually think you should ask more. It's gonna drive the price of mine down.
  16. Batboy

    How's this for an Event?

    Yeah, I've half written up the information. I'll get it out this week. I wanted to get it out early, but have procrastinated.
  17. Batboy

    How's this for an Event?

    This is also very close to the Ferrari/Lambo dealership. Just saying... :dunno:
  18. Batboy

    How's this for an Event? They are located near Dulles airport. I'll set it up if there is enough interest. This would be a good event in the fall or winter. No cars needed. They are provided! Slightly less horsepower. :laf: Matt
  19. Batboy

    Crab Feast Cruise and Lunch, Sunday, July 20th, 2015

    Have fun John. I'm headed to the Nats game in the sweltering heat! Say hello to everyone for me.
  20. Batboy

    Tires for a 99 RT Viper july 2015

    What's up King?! PS2s are the way to go. As John mentioned they are slightly harder so they last longer but still have gobs of grip for those special moments. :burnout:
  21. Batboy

    Headers and Exhaust. Worth it???

    FWIW, I have RandomTek Exhaust with hi flow cats (emissions required here) and B&B headers. Added 20-30 HP. Mine is 439 RWHP now (490 RWTRQ). Guessing it was around 410-415 hp stock. These were done before I bought the car but I think the cost was around $2K. I think it was worth it as I...
  22. Batboy

    Another 2016 ACR Review (Video)

    I found this one on Yahoo. Decent review. I love it when they take them to VIR. So cool to watch them review a car on a track you've been on. Enjoy. Matt
  23. Batboy

    Finally ready to buy a Viper, have a few questions though.

    FWIW, I'm 5'7" and hit my head on the headliner of my GTS with a helmet on. But I find the car quite comfortable. Don't know what you tall dudes are complaining about. :dunno:
  24. Batboy

    Intermittent Driver Window Issue

    I have the same problem. Maybe it's a 99 GTS issue? Not intermittent enough to bother me, but still happening. ViperTech in my area said it was probably under the dash and would be very expensive to track down. Let me know if you figure it out.

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