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    Pay it forward, Roe battery drain kit..... (aka fan control kit)

    took off the car a few years ago, pretty sure all the parts are there but if not, the price is right anyways so dont wanna hear anything about it...LOL send me a PM info:
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    Wrecked silver viper in the wayne area ?

    got a call from a friend that saw it sitting all busted up in a shop near me. she told me it looked it had flipped. hope the guy is ok ? anyone know the story ? i will see it shortly, im not sure if its a gen 1,2,3 ?
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    Viper Magazine is NOT a huge suckfest

    I cant believe im writing this but i like the magazine for a change. its not totally there but its a big step in the right direction. i can so do without the stupid viper handsign but the timeline, jeff dunham, how to and the news about the [email protected] tooling was great. i havent read the thing fron...
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    search feature broke? or can we dumb it down?

    There has to be 3 posts today that they searched (allegedly) and could not find info. *** many oil threads are there? Eleventy billion? Yet the search can't find them? I've rarely ever had a problem searching for an answer here but it must be broke if there are this many people who can't...
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    derek poundstone = vipertony ? ??

    Heard him on the copies and Anthony show on xm today. He came in on a rough day. The whole crew was in and so was a regular guest. He held his own. I swear he sounds exactly like Tony. Too funny
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    Found some old pics of my car

    Back in 06, jason thorgalsen took some pics of my car one day. This was when i had just nitrous & 2000 wheels. same ugly hood gap on the drivers side (before i took the fascia off and hacked it up for the inner cooler) and this was when i cared for it. The car is a whole lot faster now but not...
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    Are the gen2's too affordable now ?

    i always get the feeling i should set fire to my car and let it burn to the ground when i see some stupid mods being done to a nice gen2 or guys who bought the car to be cool and get attention.. are they just too affordable now ? im far from rich, i just saved my **** off to pay cash to buy the...
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    older posts or more than 1000 ?

    was searching for something and noticed you cant (or at least i think you cant) search for posts older than the last 1000 you posted. i know 99.999 % of my posts are useless but there is one or two id like to find that are quite old. any help ?
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    classifieds section ?

    I see a watch list, kind of like what ebay has but is there a way to "subscribe" to a bunch of ads or keywords ? and either get it in my PM box or email maybe ? i thought there was a way to do this ? been searching for a set of wheels and would make it easier this way and im always searching...
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    black Gen 1 on rt23, Pompton plains ?

    Saw it sitting in a shop right on the north bound side. Looks like it was in the river or got flooded. Anyone here ?
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    Lee00blacksilverGTS IS DA MAN !!!

    Ive been hunting for a die cast version of my car since i bought it in 2003. Ive never even seen one before. the always seem to have stripes. Id given up trying to find one years ago......well apparently Lee remembered one of my posts asking about it (from what i can only assume was around...
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    anyone know of a black 06 with 900 HP ?

    supposed to be in NNJ. maybe in sussex county. never heard of such a car. id assume built paxton or TT. im told tator possibly did the engine and Roe did some tuning on it.
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    Paxton with nitrous ?

    I had nitrous on the car for the first 3 or 4 years i owned it. i had the solenoids mounted on a trick plate i had going between the two intake tubes. This is not possible now with the DLM brackets and paxton S/C in there. I dont have any room on the cross member to mount the 2 solenoids, anyone...
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    list of guys willing to help potential owners ?

    I dont know how to do it, but maybe a list by state/area of guys willing to look at a car for a potential buyer. not that its a guarantee or anything but a list of guys who if they have time, are willing to help a brother out. somehow click the state you are looking at a car in and in that...
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    SILVER cars with stripes. pics needed

    I know there are not that many of them, but id like to see some pics. I have a pic of trainvilles car where the stripes were PS'd purple below. and 2 pics of my car without stripes. definitely gonna do them, just not sure if I want graphite or black stripes yet. and they will be vinyl for now...
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    Do you ever just get tired of your viper ???

    this year i drove my GTS about 1500-2000 miles. thats way below my normal of 8-9K miles/year. car is running perfect, drives like new again, has a boatload of power BUT Lately ive been in a funk and not really into taking it out or driving it. This weekend was absolutely beautiful in NNJ, i...
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    ok, when is the DEVILED EGG OFF ???

    the year is almost over and we still have no clear winner. When is this important debate going to be settled ? Tony ? Tator ? Tom ? and are there any other competitors ???
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    Deviled egg competition ?

    chuck "the viper wizard" tator has some serious competition with the new gunslinger vipertony around town now. i was lucky enough to con tony into cooking dinner for me this week. he went out of his way and made some killer deviled eggs. with these fresh in my head vipertony deviled eggs, i...
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    JonB at for Michelen PS2's

    JonB gave me a killer price on the set of FRONT tires i needed on thursday afternoon around 4PM, shipped them the same day and i got them the next morning around 11am. exactly as i had hoped. that is why id only call him for tires. great price great service thank you again Jonb
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    800+ rwhp and still gets 22.8 MPG

    took the car down the shore for lunch today. about a 200 mile round trip ticket for me. did 80mph in 6th gear MOST of the time. in what id guess is about 90 degree and 100% humidity weather. well except with the red 430 that wasted my time and a silver porsche at one point. so forgetting the...
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    sikorsky run tomorrow ?

    i looked but i dont see it. i had it in my phone as a reminder. tony ?
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    Need to say thank you again to my friend Doug Levin

    My car got delivered this morning by Exotic transport 800-766-8797 ENCLOSED AUTOMOBILE & CAR TRANSPORTATION EXOTIC CAR TRANSPORT who did a great job for me. they picked it up the same day i called them and delivered it a day earlier than i was quoted. price was great and the service was great...
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    anyone have pics of a VIPAIR installed on a gen 2 ?

    i sent steve a PM but im not very i need to see if the vipair can be adapted for a paxton.... anyone have pics they can post ?
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    Valve cover breather needed

    Im gonna call roe racing in the am but til they are open, im gonna ask here. does anyone have a crankcase breather that goes directly into the oil fill hole in the valve cover ? it has a small K&N filter coming off of it ? or any other ideas on how to do something simple like this ? here is a...
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    well, its back in DLM's shop.....

    after 1 year, 6500 miles since it was there, 800+ rwhp, a 1250 mile ride down to DLM's shop in floriduh this weekend, over 21mpg average (on the way down to FL this weekend) and to much trouble free fun to list.... its back in DLM's shop again. Not gonna turn it up, just some basic maintenance...

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