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    Neef a 3M clearbra installer

    Need a 3M clearbra installer Live in South Bend, IN area Anybody know of one? Thanks!
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    Alignment recommendations? '01GTS

    Any suggestions? Street to track...... Toyo R888 tires Thanks!
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    my new snake tattoo:)

    Can't wait to see it once it heals!
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    2 girls, 2 sapphire Viper owners, 2 Leslie's!

    what are the chances of THAT!
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    Jonb is ALWAYS there when I need him!!!!

    Time and time again I have compared prices on products and have YET to find anyone that can match PartsRack. BUT....what REALLY counts for me as a track rat is it IN stock and can you get it to! I needed some replacement Stoptech rotors, not sure of the sizes I...
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    Autoart Diecast 1:18 for sale

    I have #51, 52 and 56 for sale, all new in box! $85/each+shipping Girl in need of brake pads:) Message - ViperClub Classifieds
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    Using my Itouch/Iphone doesn't work here..?

    Not sure if this happens to anyone else, but whenever I am on my Itouch on here it won't stay on the site. I log on, start to look at threads, the all of a sudden the site is gone...? Any suggestions? I am on other car forums, no problems. Thanks!
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    Michelin PS2's for sale-335/30/18's (2)

    Just placed the ad with pics 2 tires, Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s 4/32 tread wear, great condition Dated 4/09 No repairs $450.00+shipping for both tires Located in Northern IN Thanks! contact me at [email protected] . Thanks:D Message - ViperClub Classifieds
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    Mid Ohio HPDE-Sep 10-12

    Hosted by Ohio Valley Region Porsche club, have run with this group for years and they love the Viper. There are 2 of us signed up, would be a blast to get some more Vipers out there! ...or just come out and hang with us and check out the track and all the cars. Mid OH sports car course...
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    Mid Ohio HPDE-Sep 10-12

    Hosted by Ohio Valley Region Porsche club, have run with this group for years and they love the Viper. There are 2 of us signed up, would be a blast to get some more Vipers out there! ...or just come out and hang with us and check out the track and all the cars. Mid OH sports car course...
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    Stock GenII wheels for sale

    Stock wheels for sale off of my 2001 GenII Viper. Wheels are in very good condition, one wheel has a small chip (right rear) and very slight road rash on outer ring (see picture). $800+shipping or pick up if local. Message - ViperClub Classifieds
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    Musclenutz's new red/silver GTS (pics)

    Congratulations David! Looks awsome:headbang:
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    Toyo R888 tires... street/track use

    I just purchased a slighty used set of Toyo R888's for roadcourse use, with the knowledge I would be driving 3 hrs to the track also. Picked up a set from JonB at PartsRack and got pretty excited to try them out last weekend. Getting to the track was EASY, car drove like a dream, I felt...
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    Putnam Park HPDE July 10-11

    Mid OH Region Porsche Club (MORPCA) invites you to attend their high speed driver education course! All maked/models of cars encouraged to attend (no truck or SUV's) Dates: July 10-11 (Sat/Sun) Location: Putnam Park Roadcourse, Cloverdale, IN (30 miles west of Indianapolis) Cost: $175...
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    ACRx's at NARRA/Viper days Gingerman (pics)

    NARRA/Viper days is running at Gingerman Raceway this weekend , so today was open lapping and ACRx tech talk. I will post track pics in the next few days. IL VCA does their 'longest day' challenge tomorrow along with Viper days group and Viper racing league. Wow, a color for every day...
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    WEIGHTS of wheels and tires

    I have seen a few posts regarding weights of various stock and aftermarket wheels and rotors. I started keeping the information in my quest to reduce my rotating mass weight per wheel, thought I would post it. If anyone has different info or something to add, please do! WEIGHTS 5 spoke...
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    Thanks JonB for my Stoptech Rotors!!!!

    My BIGGEST frustration with this car is BRAKES. I went to the GenIII calipers on my 2001 and it just wasn't enough, so decided to go with the stoptech big brake pkg. i cannot say enough about he brakes, especially the rotors. I have had more cracked rotors in the past year after 2 days at the...
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    BIG brakes, Viper friends and a ROADCOURSE=OH yehhh

    BIG brakes, Viper friends and a ROADCOURSE=OH yehhh (pics) Finally got my stoptech's put on, got a killer deal from JonB (thanks!) and convinced my track rat friend to do the install (thanks cash84/Jeff) and Steve for assisting and letting us use his shop. Sorry if the pics aren't the greatest...
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    Mid OH Apr 17-18 if you want to hang out

    ...will have 4 Vipers there running the track that weekend.... if anyone wants to drive over and hang out. we will be in garage #27, probably won't be hard to find us in the sea of porsches.:****: the PCA has a 'taste of the track' if you are interested also, $25 and you get to hang out in a...
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    My 'new' VR1's (pics)

    Classifieds are such a great thing, thanks Chad (Sneaky C) for the smooth transaction. Got a set of wheels for the track, can't believe how much lighter they are than my stock GenII's:D and they are in very good condition...just might keep them on all the time. I threw some stock size PS2's on...
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    Looking for a set of track wheels

    6 spoke, SSR's, anything used is fine. Prefer 18's all around but will consider 18/19 combination:) Track wheels, used 6 spoke or SSR's - ViperClub Classifieds
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    FREE track time at Mid OH

    WINNER IS KONZA800!!!! CONGRATS ALLEN:) honor of my passion for Vipers and roadracing, I would like to extend the invitation for a free driver's education/HPDE weekend to the first member who posts they are interested! Offer is extended for current VCA members who would like to track their...
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    thank you 2SNAKES4US!

    I received a very nice gift from Mitch for 'paying it forward'....he sent me diagnostic manuals for my year Viper! I am not quite sure what all that says inside of them, but I know my mechanic will smile when he sees I have them haha. Thank you so much for your generosity!
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    STOPTECH big brake package

    I wanted to thank JonB for the most wonderful packages waiting for me today! Great service, quick shipment, and by FAR the best price I could find anywhere for everything I got! Kit inclued 6 piston fronts/4 piston rears, e brake, aero rotors, Motul 600 brake fluid, ss lines, and brake pads...
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    Wheel sizes?

    Ok, need some help here, wanna make sure I do this right. Just got my Stopteck bb kit, looking for lighter weight wheels than stock or track wheels now:) Any thoughts/opinions on wheel sizes I can run? In the past have run 18's all around, same size tires front and back (or 305f/335r)...

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