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    Need ECM

    I have a spare set but would want to make sure works before I sell. Have been on the shelf for years.
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    stand alone wiring system

    No it is a Series 1 AEM. What they used in Vipers before the Infinity.
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    stand alone wiring system

    I have a AEM series one with wire harness from a Gen 3. I no longer need so will sell.
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    Future buyer here. What is current fair market value for 96 GTS

    I have a one owner 97' B&W with 33k miles will be listing soon.
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    Is Archer racing still in business?

    If you are talking about John in MN he has another company going. What are you looking for?
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    WTB GTS Gen 2

    I have a 97 B&W with 24k miles and one owner will sell But the one above seems like a really good deal unless the Viper is not nice?
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    2017 Viper ACR Breakout

    Cool list for sure.. I have a 17' exposed GTC Stryker Purple. More made than I thought. Wonder how many were solid color with no stripes?
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    Rocker panel moulding Gen I on Gen II

    I have a exhaust and rockers to convert your to side exhaust. They are blue form a GTS and in perfect condition.
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    Getting Ready to Buy my first Viper

    Mine are a gravity drain. No pumps here. I sent you a pm with my number. Can text you pics.
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    Getting Ready to Buy my first Viper

    You can just buy my Blue/White Twin Turbo GTS and be ready to go :)
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    Need replacement tires for stock Gen II RT/10

    I have a good used set I would sell.
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    Looking at buying a Viper

    PM sent....
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    Looking at buying a Viper

    Have a very nice 97' Blue/White GTS with 24k I would sell if you want.
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    AEM obd2 data cable

    Will do a good deal on a AEM with a cable. Should always have a spare programmed and ready to go anyway.
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    Need AEM cable

    Still working on the shop so everything is packed in trailers.
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    AEM obd2 data cable

    I might have a extra. Will have to look but the shop is all tore up now getting some work done.
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    Another tire search question... looking for current info

    I have a set of Michelin PS2 that I might sell. In heated storage. My wife would love for me to get them out of the basement.
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    New Owner... Thought I should come clean...

    Looks like a great project. I do have some used parts laying around. Thinking maybe some bad pistons?
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    Wisconsin Vipers

    What part of WI are you in?
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    Gen 2 - Blower, Hennessey, TNT King Snake, or other

    I am selling a Blue and White Twin Turbo GTS if you want the ultimate GTS. 1120rwhp on pump fuel. Adjust down if you like and traction control.
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    looking to buy vec 2 blank program cards .

    I should have some laying around.
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    '92 Viper (I'm on the hunt)

    Have one with 8k miles. Would maybe sell for the right price but would be difficult
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    Advice on 1999 GTS Purchase with title issues

    Sounds like a good deal. You should be able to look at the pics from before to determine what way to go. You can send them to me and I will give you my opinion. I am going to be listing a salvage title 2002 GTS in Lamborghini Orange. I would be in the 30's on it but it has only 13k miles and the...

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