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    Viper Tech or Experienced Viper Mechanics, Orlando

    Hey all! Just relocated to the Windermere area outside Orlando and need a few things done to my '96 (I think my rear pinion seal is bad, and while they're at I'd like to change the transmission and rear diff fluids, picked up Amsoil after reading many positive reviews). Looking for info on...
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    LED Lighting

    Has anyone had success converting the brake lights and turn/reverse to LED? Gen 2 specifically What bulbs did you use? Any other electrical changes? Pictures? Thanks!
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    Windshield Cowl

    I owe a huge shoutout to JonB and Autoform (and I guess FedEx) for delivering my windshield cowl yesterday. Took a little time, but well worth the wait and price. The stripes align really well and the paint look gorgeous! I'll get out in the CO sun soon to get some better pictures. I haven't...
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    Smoke from O2 Sensors

    Just finished installing my M&M Headers tonight (along with straight pipes again and she sounds like she should), fired the Viper up and noticed some smoke coming from under the hood. Obviously shut the car off, popped the hood, saw nothing. Take 2: Same story after about 2 minutes at idle...
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    Rock and Roll Car Show...Denver

    Hey all, Also posted in the "Wild, Wild West" section, but to garner some more attention I'm reposting here. Rock and Roll Car Show in Colorado at Bandimere Speedway is this Sunday (8/21). Just looking to see if any other Viper owners/VCA members will be attending with their Vipers. I'll...
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    DENVER! Rock and Roll Car Show

    Any fellow Viper owners/VCA members attending the Rock and Roll Car Show at Bandimere on August 21? I'm planning on going, would love to see/meet fellow, local Viper owners!
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    Aerodynamics and Exhaust Piping

    Alright all, bear with me, my mind is a complicated thing For the time being, I'm going to look into 2.5" High Flow Cats to go with the 2.5" factory tubing and maintain the deleted Resonator. In what is sure to be a long process in modifying my Viper, I got into thinking more about my...
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    Anyone's Neighbors Ever Complain About Noise?

    Like the title says... Swapped the spark plugs and wires on the Viper this morning. Started it up to make sure everything was copacetic (which it is). Neighbor comes over, whom has a reputation for noise complaints according to a different neighboir, and starts telling me the exhaust is too...
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    Failed Emissions in CO

    Hey guys, Did a search and most, if not all, the threads are a few years old. As the title states, failed emissions today in CO. They do both the "Sniff" and OBD. The OBD test shows no trouble codes. The CEL test passed, and was not illuminated. I've had the car less than a week...
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    New Member/Owner in CO

    Hey everyone! As the title states, new member to VCA and new owner to a 1996 Viper GTS. My dream of owning this (or a '97) began when I was 10, yesterday it came true. Just waiting on the shipping company to bring to Colorado from Georgia (they say by the 21st). The basics, I'm...

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