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  1. IDM

    Maui Hawaii Vipers

    Hey any vipers in Maui or other islands? Visiting my sister and would be cool to do something car related on the islands thanks
  2. IDM

    Anyone Selling Gen V Seats?

    Looking to pick up a set! I was going to put gen IV seats in my car and have now decided to try Gen V. I have gen IV leather seats with red stitching that I'm selling. Thank you!
  3. IDM

    Doug Levin Class Act

    I want to let anyone who doesn't know about Doug Levin, how great he is to interact with. And also that he is not just a Viper mechanic, he is more like a Viper scientist! This Thanksgiving weekend I had an overheating episode on my TT ACR and with a brief description over the phone he was...
  4. IDM

    Anyone looking for ACR Wheels?

    Have a set of 99 ACR Wheels with Centercaps from my 99 ACR. The tires have good tread all around but they are from 2001. Looking to sell or trade for some 19 & 20s thanks
  5. IDM

    Want 19 & 20 or All 20" Wheels

    Looking to buy a set of 19 & 20 or all 20" wheels. Please let me know what you have thanks
  6. IDM

    Want Gen III or IV Seats Are they the Same??

    I am looking to put Gen III or Gen IV seats in my 99 ACR Are the seats the exact same? I'd also like to find some ACR seats if possible. Any clues on where to locate these and how much I might spend? Thank you
  7. IDM

    Need Inspection Modified GTS Birmingham Alabama

    Guys I am buying a highly modified GTS near the Birmingham Alabama area and would like to have it inspected. Can you please suggest someone that would drive out to the location and see the car? I would pay of course and need it to be done asap. Thank you
  8. IDM

    Sold Viper - Anyone Need 20" Iforged Wheels?

    Anyone need a set of Iforged Astra Wheels in 20"? They made my car look terrific. I sold the viper and won't be needing them. Looking for 2900 shipped with tires. Pics wont upload pls pm your email
  9. IDM

    Selling Cheap GTS

    I picked up a 99 GTS a few months ago and have not had the time to enjoy. The car is a salvage title and has 39,800 miles on it. The accident happened at 900 miles in 1999. It runs superb (compression tested all cylinders) and is in overall good condition. However the exterior is a little...
  10. IDM

    Dash Lights Went Out While Driving

    I was driving my 99 GTS the other day and getting comfortable with braking hard in rain. After I did this a few times the dash lights turned off. Im guessing I blew a fuse. But any idea why this would have happened?
  11. IDM

    Invincible Viper

    I swear, other people can't see my Viper. Nearly every time I drive it for even a couple mile trip I'm having to avoid someone switching lanes into me, pulling out in front of me without enough room to stop or that people tailgate more often and closer. I feel that there was less chance...
  12. IDM

    All Differences between ACR & GTS?

    What are the differences between ACR and GTS? I am aware of the racing harnesses and wheels. What are the exact differences in engine and suspension? Are there any others I'm leaving out? Is there a better year ACR to go after?
  13. IDM

    Was Black w/ Yellow Stripes a Factory Option?

    I have a black GTS with painted Yellow stripes and wondering if this was a factory combo. If so how many of them were made? I've seen pictures of Yellow with black stripes. Thanks
  14. IDM

    Suggested Stripe Color for Black GTS?

    Guys can you please suggest a color for stripes on a Black GTS? I was thinking a metallic grey color. Would like to see pictures of your car! Thanks a lot
  15. IDM

    Value of Salvage / Rebuilt GTS?

    Guys I have never owned a salvage car but am considering a 99 GTS with mileage approaching 40k that has a salvage / rebuilt title. I've read that you either cant get insured or ins. is higher and that a lot of places won't loan on the vehicle, but My insurance company and lender are fine with...
  16. IDM

    Has anyone installed Vinyl Stripes on their own?

    I'd like to cover painted stripes because I don't like the color. Has anyone bought the vinyl material on their own and cut and installed stripes? Any tips would be appreciated. Like where to get the correct vinyl and how to cut and apply. Thanks!
  17. IDM

    Want Stock Wheels/Tires for Gen I or II

    Located in Tampa, want to pick up some stock wheels/tires please Thanks
  18. IDM

    Carbon Fiber Vinyl Stripes

    Guys has anyone used a carbon fiber material (guessing vinyl) to cover their stripes of a color they didn't like or put new stripes on a GTS? Would love to know where to source this carbon fiber material and see some pictures of the outcome. Thanks
  19. IDM

    High Idle and High Pitched Noise Coming from Engine Bay

    Guys I demodded my car. The intake manifold came off as well as the full exhaust, intake and radiator. Yesterday I took it for a test drive after removing the factory cats and resetting the ECU and battery. It runs great except for a high pitched sound every so often from the engine bay...
  20. IDM

    Cheapest Cat Sims for Exhaust?

    What are the cheapest SIMs out there that work? Thanks
  21. IDM

    Size of Stock Cat Exhaust Piping?

    I'm going to remove the stock cats and put on straight pipes. If I cut around the cats, what exact size pipe can I use to slip over or slip inside the pipes with clamps? It seems like a straight shot so I don't see why this wouldn't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated as local shops...
  22. IDM

    Need Stock Center Caps for 02 Style Wheels

    Anyone have a set? Thanks!
  23. IDM

    GTS Stock Cat Glowing

    Guys I returned my Viper back to stock and am having a problem with one of the cats. I swapped intake manifolds/injectors back to stock and also long tubes back to stock cats. As soon as I did this and fired up the car I noticed the passenger rocker was extremely hot and starting to smoke...
  24. IDM

    Radiator Fan Fuse/Relay 95 RT/10

    Can someone tell me where the fuse and relay are the for the radiator fan and what signals it to turn on? Does it have a sensor or does the ecu turn it on? Thanks a lot!
  25. IDM

    Viper Ignition Coil

    Hi guys will a 98 coil work on a 97 Viper? Were they different for rt/10 vs gts and between years? Thanks

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