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    Little video of my Twin Turbo Viper..

    Here is a short pump gas run at 12-13psi Should be a fun grocery getter :)
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    2008 Viper ACR 1 0f 1 Blue/White just placed in classifieds

    I just placed an add for this car we did a few years ago... 2008 Dodge Viper ACR 1 0f 1 Blue with White stripes. I built this car for a customer back in 08 when the ACR first came out. It had 92 miles on it at the time and he wanted the blue and white color combo. It was damaged by the first...
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    From Paxton to UGR twin turbo

    Would like to thank Aaron and Mitch for there great work. I replaced my Paxton with SEB's UGR twin turbo set up and Pectel. Now I just need to tune it. Can't wait for the snow to melt...
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    UGR Underground Racing Twin Turbo kit for sale

    Back up for sale is my extra twin turbo kit. These don't come up for sale often. Also have a AEM
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    My Complete Paxton set up listed in the classifieds 1002rwhp

    Time to try something different as I just go nuts over the winter here. I am pulling it off this weekend and would make a easy set up for someone. This set up is wicked or can be settled down a few psi for stock motor...
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    UGR Twin Turbo and built engine Gen 3

    Here at M&M Performance we have a complete TT system and a fresh fully built engine from Underground Racing. We are planning on building a gen 3 with it but since we don't have a extra one now I thought I would see if there is any interest. As Underground is not building Vipers anymore and...
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    M&M Performance Pro Pics SRT Very Cool

    These pics turned out very cool.
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    M&M Performance Ford GT Headers and Exhaust

    Here is a bad vid of our new headers and exhaust set up for the Ford GT...:D YouTube - M&M Performance Ford GT headers and exaust.3gp
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    Paxton Video w/M&M Performace Headers/Exhaust

    Here is a Short walk around video I did of my 1000rwhp SRT vert...:D
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    Listed my Twin Turbo For Sale

    This car is a blast to drive. Looks and runs like a 7k mile car should:D 2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Hennessey Twin Turbo Venom 1000 - ViperClub Classifieds
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    96' Blue and White GTS For Sale CHEAP

    Need this amazing one owner car sold FAST. Great deal for someone. Message - ViperClub Classifieds This was the 15th Viper avalible to the public and owned by one of the VCA's founders.
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    M&M Performance TT Project

    I thought I would share a few pics of a front mount Twin Turbo that we are doing (One off for my car). I recieved a Gen 1 one off turbo kit that I put on my 98' GTS. Well it did not fit at all and we would have had to cut the frame alot. So we are reworking the entire kit to fit and are making...
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    ACR factory test splitter (serious collector)

    I just placed an add in the classifieds for this very rare opportunity to purchase a piece of history that SRT used. Message - ViperClub Classifieds Ultimate garage art...
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    M&M Performance shop car pics

    Just about have the shop car ready for the trip to VOI.... Sorry for the bad pics but the rain is comming down here. With over 1k RWHP on pump has been a blast to drive.
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    M&M Performance new SRT exhaust

    Soon to be released our new exhaust. Interchangable straight pipe and cat. V-Band clamps for easy leak proof connection. Can order with either or both. Nice low tone without being to loud. Ceramic coated to keep heat down in the cabin. Stainless double wall tip. These are set up to bolt on M&M...
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    Roe Supercharger For Sale

    I just put an add in the classifieds here. It is time to start something different so I am selling the supercharger. Message - ViperClub Classifieds It is a lot of fun but with nothing left to do to my car this winter I am trying the TT.:D
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    Pics form Woodhouse track experience

    I did not have much time to take pics but here are a few. clear bra on and ready Blowen power steering Time to go home:( This was a lot of fun and I would like to thank the Woodhouse team. Looking forward to next year.
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    Just finished the first Blue/White ACR

    Here are a few pics of a damaged 08' ACR that we just finished for a customer of mine. I would like to thank Mitch and Heather (Snkbit) for some great paint work!!! before
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    Need Pics of old VCA raffle car from VOI dallas.

    I am looking for some good pics of the raffle car that they had at VOI in dallas. I did a search and only found a few. I am about ready to paint my SRT and am looking for some ideas. This is the candy red with goast flames. e-mail or post here. Thanks.
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    Chance of finding a SRT with no engine?

    What do you thing the chances are that someone will have a nice SRT with a bad engine that they want to sell? I have a big engine to go in one but need a car. I don't know if I should just sell the 1000 RWHP engine set up or wait for a car? Thanks
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    04' White Mamba with Paxton for sale

    Its time to clean the garage. I have three Vipers in there now and a 4th on the way. I need to get back down to 2. Help a guy out:D ViperClub Classifieds - 04' White Mamba w/Paxton - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds
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    Whats my white Mamba with Paxton worth?

    I see white Mamba's for sale but non with a Paxton. What is one with 8500 miles worth? I will list it here in the classifieds in a few days but I want to see if everyone else thinks it is worth the same as I do? Thanks:D
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    Vipermania Windows

    Anyone know of where I can get a used set of these? :D
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    Orange/White GTS

    I have had a lot of people PM me on pics of my car. I now have high speed so I can post some. The color does't show well in pics. I hope you enjoy my dream color.:D
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    What is my 97' GTS Blue/White worth?

    I am getting ready to sell my Blue and White. It is a very clean car with 27k miles on it. It has had some small prior damage in the right rear but does have a clean title. I know the market is funny now and I am going to be looking for a fast sale. What is a guy to ask?

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