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    Front Facia and bumper weight

    Ok, at the risk of being redundant can someone give me the total weight of the front facia /bumper assy when removed as one unit. I'm assuming about 100lbs. Want to avoid surprises. Thx SS
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    B&W in West Reno

    Rumor has it that there's a B&W in West Reno. If you're out there, chime in, we'd like to have you join our little group when we get together. Just a casual meet and greet for coffee; weather and smoke permitting. You'd make it 4 of us. SS
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    gas pedal fix

    Hello, Recently came out to the garage to vacuum the left side carpet and my gas pedal is laying on the floor along with the pin and its spring. Imagine my surprise. The pin is pressed into the end of the gas pedal assembly. If the pin is on the floor there's a possibility the fit has changed...
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    Close-out panel fix

    Hi boys and girls, Before I start my next project I wanted to get some fdbk on altering the gas tank close-out panel on my 2002 RT10. I'm planning to replace all the rivets with u-nuts and m-5 bolts so as servicing anything behind panel won't be a major PITA. That's the one luxury RT10 owners...
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    Fixing Viper flaws II

    I think a lot of us work on our cars. When I come across procedures that are a pain in the **** I try to make things better for the next time I have do some work. This time it's the 2 plastic inserts (xmas trees) that hold each end of the radiator shroud assy that sits under the air intake...
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    Fixing Viper Flaws

    As we all know car designers don't have to work on the cars they design and don't always get it right. Case in point: the r/l rear closeout panels. I've had the battery cover off a number of times and the smog system panel off to get to other areas working on projects. It always irked me that a...
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    Viper destruction

    This is probably old news to most of you, but The Drive is running a piece on the Vipers that were destroyed after serving their purpose at trade schools years ago including B&W's. I stated to watch the video but couldn't hit the play button. Bottom line is they're our pride and joy, but to the...
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    Front thumb screws

    I always thot the plastic thumb screws were a cheap choice for a 75k car. They hold the removable portion of the front splash guards, 6 on each side. I recently tried to remove them and was sure they were going to snap. Plus the 1" base conforms to the slots in the part that's over the headlight...
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    Front suspension

    I just worked both front wheel wells one at a time using a conventional Viper tire jack. After it was all done the front was a few inches higher than normal as usual. I expected the facia/front to set back to what I considered it's normal height, but it's still sitting hi. Will it take a hard...
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    Viper Tech

    Does anybody know of a good Viper tech in the Reno area??? Thx ahead of time, SS
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    Alpine removal

    Hi, Anyone know how to get the Alpine deck out of a 2002 RT10. Bezel's off, 2 screws out, but it's fighting me. Barely moves and I don't want to force it. Thx, SS
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    2002 center console removal

    Hard to believe nobody's posted any console removal threads. Search didn't find any. I tried to remove mine today in my 2002 RT10 and got as far as the actual removal. Did all the *****, the bezel, the knee panels, but the brake handle brought everything to a halt. Ya can't get the console over...
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    Reno drivers

    Hi folks, Just curious, does anybody in Reno actually drive their Vipers? I'm out in mine all the time during the season. Just short local runs, but I've only seen 2 in all the years I've been doing that. I've seen Ferraris, Lambos even a McLaren. They're not bashful. H.A.N. is canceled this...
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    forum search

    Hi, I was trying to get some info from the RT10/GTS forum and got no search results. Has something changed to block the search function? Thx, Steel Snake ………and, no I'm not a member, but never a problem before.
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    Hi y'all I'm baaaakkk. Sold my 2000 RT10 about 6 years ago and almost instantly regretted it. It was a sweet ride with minor mods, Steel Grey, cognac interior. I had it for 10 years and sold it with 8500 miles on it! No tickets, no dents, no close calls. Figured the odds would catch up with me...
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    Gen1, Gen II appreciating

    Just thot I'd bring attention to a recent article in Hemmings ( Dec 2012 ) about collector interest in Vipers starting to awaken. Unadulterated, original examples bring the most $$$.
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    Gen l & ll classifieds

    Noticed there are very few Gen l & ll classifieds. Think that's because the market's so soft or are people just holding tight for now? Seem to be a lot of SRT10 ads (by comparison).
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    Just curious if anyone has taken their Viper into a dealership with the engine light on knowing the code reference, to see what respose they get from the service dept. My engine light came on (2000 RT10) and the PCM put out a 455 code (large evap leak) also known as a loose gascap. The rubber...
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    Adding coolant ques and more

    The owners manual is not much help for adding coolant to a low tank. There's got to be a better way. The overflow is almost empty. Can fluid be added to the pressure tank when cold. Is there a set fill level in the press tank when cold? Also how far do you go to pamper your Snake. I use a clear...
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    Am GP, No Vipers?

    The Ohio American GP was won by two Vettes and not a Viper in sight. Kinda sad. Unless I missed something, Vipers weren't in contention anywhere. Go figure.
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    She's a ****** again

    She\'s a ****** again Used some of your suggestions to get my curbed wheel (stock) back to specs. Didn't bother taking wheel off and started out with a Dremel to smooth out the worst of the rash. Using a 3m hard rubber pad I wet sanded from 320 up to 2500 and finished off with a Dremel buff...
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    Not a ****** Anymore

    Curbed my first wheel. That sound goes right up your spine and freezes your brain. Any of you had success with repair and re-polishing? Or is it new wheel time? The rash is just on the edge but it's there.
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    Viper Phone

    This is probably old news to you guys but I just got my Viper ('94) phone off Ebay. Fun piece for the desk. It doesn't look too bad; and it works! A little Maguire's Clean and Polish gives it a nice Viper shine. Now if I can just paint it steel grey. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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    First Summer With The RT10

    Now that it's warm and summery I'm going ******* (sorry guys, male owner). What's the consensus on the rear window? In or out?
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    hood latch question

    Noticed in the roller positioning assy on each side of the hood at rear there is a hook and pin arrangement that don't seem to function in any position. They're just there. Seems at some point they'd mate up but never do, at least on my hood. With the hood closed you have to look up under to see...

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