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    Yellow Venzano Interior Rocks!

    This Summer Tony at Venzano gave my coupe the interior that it deserves. Now the inside does justice to the exterior. What a craftsman! Tony's attention to detail and superb skill really result in spectacular results. One area where I really challenged him was the rear bulkhead...
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    Autoweek showing new Viper

    NOT!! There's an article in today's version of Autoweek that shows a red car that is supposed to be the new Viper. It's not close. It's just one of the lame attempts to guess at the design. The new design is much better! :2tu:
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    Vipers win in Escanaba!

    Check out the extended version of the story: Vipers win in Escanaba! and Escanaba Continued . . . Great Viper cruising :2tu:
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    Escanaba Continued . . .

    [Due to the limitation of the number of pictures that can be added to one post, we've had to continue from the previous Escanaba post here . . .] Then we took a brisk cruise along River Road from the zoo to the marina owned by members Kieth and Shelly Boye. The curves and wonderful...
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    Vipers win in Escanaba!

    A gang from the Motor City Viper Owners chapter of VCA journeyed up to Escanaba, MI for the annual Krusin Klassics Car Show last weekend. It was the 10th annual year that we've been represented, and we had a blast! Those of us from the lower end of the state crossed that great Mackinaw Bridge...
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    2008 CEMA Show

    Well, they squeezed it in -- the CEMA show last Saturday fit nicely between the rainstorms and brought out a lot of nice cars. The Vipers were there in force -- including two or three of us who didn't bring our cars, but were there for support. The theme of the show was the 1968 Hemi's -- I...
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    How to have fun in a Viper!

    Check out the story on the MCVO Escanaba Fun Run in the Motor City forum:
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    How to have fun in a Viper!

    Check out the story of the MCVO Escanaba Fun Run at the Motor City forum:
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    Chip Foose, RidemakerZ & Vipers
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    MCVO and RidemakerZ

    We had a great time at the grand opening of the new RidemakerZ stores at 12 Oaks Mall and Great Lakes Crossing today. In case you don't know what RidemakerZ is, its a store where you can build a model car and customize it however you want -- even make it an RC car. It's Build-a-Bear for boys...
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    Raffle ACR on eBay

    I guess that Ron just kept it long enough to attend the Brunch! Whatever, someone's going to get a great car . . . :dunno: eBay Motors: Dodge : Viper (item 140232911024 end time May-20-08 19:13:43 PDT)&
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    Conner Avenue Tour Today

    The MCVO tour of Conner Avenue was a blast this morning. We had over 90 people signed up and we went through in four waves. Check the link below for some photos of the action. There were lots of cameras going off -- please, those of you that were there, share your pictures. :bounce...
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    2007 Woodward Dream Cruise

    Well, it's starting again -- the big build up to the Woodward Dream Cruise in the Detroit area. For those of you who don't know about it, it's the single largest automotive event in the world. The projected crowd for this year is 1.25 million people and over 50,000 classic and exotic cars. The...
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    Horsepower in Escanaba (lots of pics)

    Check this link for the story of the MCVO Fun Run in Escanaba, MI: :drive:
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    Horsepower in Escanaba (lots of pics)

    One of the great rites of Spring in Michigan is the annual Viper Fun Run around Escanaba, along the northern end of Lake Michigan in the Upper Pennisula. The event is centered around Escanaba's annual Krusin Klassics 2 day car show, parade, and fun run. Starting 9 years ago, the Motor City VCA...
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    Now that it has thawed out in the Michigan's UP (video)

    I just ran across this video again, showing Steve Nelson's beast. What a wonderful celebration to the Viper! :2tu: Steve's also got a Roe charged RT-10 that he and Sue have put over 60,000 miles on! :drive:
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    MCVO Spring Tech Day

    Great event last Saturday . . . :2tu:
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    MCVO Spring Tech Day

    Great event last Saturday . . . :2tu:
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    Well, Jon did it again!!

    I needed some special parts for my secret Winter project and Jon at PartsRack went out of his way to fix me up. As we head into the new year and bask in the glow of a new 600 hp Viper, let's give credit to those loyal supporters who helped us get here. I highly recommend you give Jon your...
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    MCVO's 6th Annual Wine Country Tour

    MCVO\'s 6th Annual Wine Country Tour Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday we took 16 Vipers up to the Old Mission Peninsula in the Traverse City, Michigan area for our annual Wine Tour. We only had about 2/3'rds the cars we usually have, but we had twice the fun! Members grouped together in small...
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    MCVO Tour of Saleen Plant -- the Final Ford GT's

    MCVO Tour of Saleen Plant -- the Final Ford GT\'s We were lucky enough to tour Saleen's Troy, Michigan, plant today -- the place where they have built all the Ford GT's. So, what's this got to do with Vipers? Well, it was a Viper Club event (know your competition!) and, well, er, eh...
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    I thought I would start a link where members could post their pictures and experiences at the 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. For those of you that don't know, this is the world's largest automotive event. Last year there were 1.7 million people and over 40,000 custom, specialty and hot...
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    Coming to the Woodward Dream Cruise early?

    :nana: In the Detroit area on Thursday, the 17th? Check out the post on this topic in the RT/10 & GTS forum. :nana:
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    Coming to the Woodward Dream Cruise early?

    The Motor City Viper Owners are having a dinner on Thursday night, the 17th. If you you are a VCA member (or guest) you're invited to join us. Cost is $25 for the meal (ribs, chicken or boiled white fish). The location is Bennigan's Restaurant, just south of Square Lake Road on the east side...
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    Recent MCVO Events (Pics)

    On June 15th several members of the Motor City Viper Owners attended an open house at the headquarters of Roush Racing. Here's a shot of the crowd (not at MCVO'ers) and Jack's personal FordGT: As you can imagine, there were lots of hopped up Fords around there. This Mustang claims to...

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