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    Recommend competent mechanic in Jacksonville/St Aug area of Florida?

    Make the trip to Sanford, FL and take it to Alex at Fields Dodge. He’s the best
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    Ready to buy ACR white/ black/red combo

    Just picked this up a few days ago, everything has a price DM me if interested 2008 10,300 miles Clean Title Stock/Never Modded I’m the second owner
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    Anyone have a Corsa cat back they want to sell?

    There was a fella on the Viper Buy/Sell/Trade page on Facebook selling a 3" Borla system last week.
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    Viper Tech or Experienced Viper Mechanics, Orlando

    Hey all! Just relocated to the Windermere area outside Orlando and need a few things done to my '96 (I think my rear pinion seal is bad, and while they're at I'd like to change the transmission and rear diff fluids, picked up Amsoil after reading many positive reviews). Looking for info on...
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    WTB Smog legal Edelbrock Headers

    Ahh yes, forgot about that...moved out of CA almost 2 years ago and brain dumped most of their BS. Best decision I've ever made
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    1996 RT/10 Exhaust Wrap

    And 100% agree with above, wrap the pipes in the sidesills, especially if you have a white car to prevent the "yellowing." I used a full roll of Kevlar wrap from Autozone on each sidesill pipe and I can fully touch them after a lot of driving, also straight piped so that helps. And I have the...
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    WTB Smog legal Edelbrock Headers

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but as long as you keep the cats on headers shouldn't matter as far as emissions
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    LED Lighting

    Has anyone had success converting the brake lights and turn/reverse to LED? Gen 2 specifically What bulbs did you use? Any other electrical changes? Pictures? Thanks!
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    Windshield Cowl

    I owe a huge shoutout to JonB and Autoform (and I guess FedEx) for delivering my windshield cowl yesterday. Took a little time, but well worth the wait and price. The stripes align really well and the paint look gorgeous! I'll get out in the CO sun soon to get some better pictures. I haven't...
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    06 SRT10 conv - Catalytic Converter problems and RR HF cats

    Right on! I have a Gen II so I don't frequent this section very often and didn't see the threat until it was too late -Nick
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    06 SRT10 conv - Catalytic Converter problems and RR HF cats

    I just pulled my Cats off a couple weeks ago because I went back to straight pipes. I bought them from JonB at Parts Rack. They have less than 500 miles on them, just discoloration on the stainless steel from the heat. They're the 3" diameter in/out (Honeycomb), one side already has a 2.5"...
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    Smoke from O2 Sensors

    Yup, a little bit more this morning. No more since, has to be residual oil Carry on
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    Smoke from O2 Sensors

    Just finished installing my M&M Headers tonight (along with straight pipes again and she sounds like she should), fired the Viper up and noticed some smoke coming from under the hood. Obviously shut the car off, popped the hood, saw nothing. Take 2: Same story after about 2 minutes at idle...
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    Important read anyone visiting this site

    Very sorry to hear of that, Steve. I lost my Grandpa back in June, he never had the opportunity to own his dream car (Corvette). His passing kicked me into gear buying my Viper. Prayers out to you brother
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    Rock and Roll Car Show...Denver

    Very sound advice my good sir! I'll clean it up for sure. I don't necessarily care about winning a contest or anything. Just want to show it off
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    Rock and Roll Car Show...Denver

    Just show up? Haha
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    Rock and Roll Car Show...Denver

    Hey all, Also posted in the "Wild, Wild West" section, but to garner some more attention I'm reposting here. Rock and Roll Car Show in Colorado at Bandimere Speedway is this Sunday (8/21). Just looking to see if any other Viper owners/VCA members will be attending with their Vipers. I'll...
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    DENVER! Rock and Roll Car Show

    Any fellow Viper owners/VCA members attending the Rock and Roll Car Show at Bandimere on August 21? I'm planning on going, would love to see/meet fellow, local Viper owners!
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    Aerodynamics and Exhaust Piping

    Hahaha, right on guys...I had a feeling applying aviation aerodynamics into a car was going to be a vastly different concept
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    Aerodynamics and Exhaust Piping

    Alright all, bear with me, my mind is a complicated thing For the time being, I'm going to look into 2.5" High Flow Cats to go with the 2.5" factory tubing and maintain the deleted Resonator. In what is sure to be a long process in modifying my Viper, I got into thinking more about my...
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    Failed Emissions in CO

    Yeah, the cats should have done the trick. But o figured why not just change it all
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    Anyone's Neighbors Ever Complain About Noise?

    Thanks for all the input guys! I'm actually going to use the gardener example too if he comes by again. I'm pretty bummed I had to put cats on it to pass emissions which is a whole 'nother story. I think the next mod will be headers which will yield 3" straight pipes to the back, haha. The...
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    Failed Emissions in CO

    Welp, change this to "Finally PASSED Emissions in CO" Holy smokes, it's been a crazy couple weeks. Found the car to be straight piped (mistook the Resonators as being Cats, FNG N00B!!!). Anyways, here's what I did... -New Up/Downstream O2 Sensors from Bosch -New Champion Spark Plugs...

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