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    How should I ship wheels and tires?

    You might want to check with Fastenal - they have a package/freight service between their locations. You could put the tires on a pallet too if you wanted. They have forklifts to unload.
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    Using E85 for the Nitrous Wet System - Timing Considerations

    Still trying to figure out how to pull a few degrees for a 150 shot in a 1996 GTS PCM. So far there isn't a clean solution. (I don't think there is a Lingenfelter "LNC-2000" for Viper.) Then it occurred to me if E85 was used instead of gasoline (car remains fueled on gasoline) for the wet...
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    Lightweight flywheel and new clutch

    The single cone synchro T56 doesn't have enough synchro force to shift easily at high rpm. (hence the double and triple cone synchros) Are there any multiple clutch setups that would mitigate that issue?
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    Street tires

    To me, mileage tells the whole story. If you get that kind of miles, it is a "passenger car tire" and not a "race tire" that gets 9000 to 12000 and may come new with 5 or 7/32nds tread depth instead of the usual 11/32nds. I think the Mich PS2's had a strong mileage warranty (another...
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    New Old Stock Tires. Safe?

    Soooooo... what's he doing with those tires??? Where are they and what size?
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    Street tires

    What about rain and cold weather? Some of the tires mentioned will crack in cold weather - even if just rolling car in cold garage. Pirelli voids warranty if some of their tires are driven under 45*F. GM has TSB warning use under 25*F. I revel in a bitter cold, sunny winter day when the...
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    Reno drivers

    Did you ever see a Black w/Red stripe GTS around? That was me. I kept my car in a friend's airplane hanger in Carson City from 2001 to 2019 and drove it when I'd visit for 2-3 weeks usually during the time of the Reno Air Races. In 2019 I finally drove my car home to Jeannette, PA near...
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    My 05 need a ******...Help

    I believe the single cone transmissions should be avoided. I have never shifted a double or triple cone but it has to be a significant improvement. The large single cone evolved from the T85 3-spd into the 4-speeds. Then they added over 50% more gear inertia by adding 5th and 6th and making...
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    Where to get new headlights?

    Wonder if just making a new plastic lens that would have to be bonded onto the bucket would keep costs down and sales up. We can dream about having them made in glass! haha
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    96 GTS Plugs: Using Champion rc12ecc instead of rc12lyc

    The Champion reference information is a shadow of what it used to be back in the 70's. Their codes are not standard: a 3-letter code could be 3-things or 1. Thanks
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    Switched Insurance

    I like Hagerty for Collector Car insurance. They allow: 1) locked garage, 2) garage w/o a door, car port, and parked in the driveway! All Hail Hagerty! J.C. Taylor can Burn in ****. Your daily driver can be no more than 20 years old (mine is a 74 Datsun 620 pickup!)
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    Dump it or restore it (96 RT/10 Special Edition)

    Drive it. Who cares what she looks like if she's "good in bed!" A truly ratty Viper is cool! - they look like they just did an endurance race! Brake dust is beautiful! If you are obsessed with paint, wrap it (I have no idea what that costs.) Either go clear matte or something else...
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    Carbon Fiber Hood Repair help

    What is the weight difference between CF and OE?
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    96 GTS Plugs: Using Champion rc12ecc instead of rc12lyc

    Both plugs look identical. What is the difference?
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    1996 GTS fuel pump replacement options: 255 Walbro and Mat?

    I'd love to find a 2-stage pump but that is a losing proposition. Aftermarket units are not 2-stage and the OE is only 190 lhp which is pretty wimpy and very unattractive considering used prices of a module ranging up to $1500. A Gen 3 pump (255 lhp) would be a no-brainer but I don't think...
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    850 HP on a Single Viper Fuel Pump - Installation Outline

    This should be a Sticky on Fuel Pumps. Some Questions / Clarifications: Gens 1-5 have an internal surge tank basket function (pump keeps basket full) Gen 1 & 2 have 2-stage pumps: one for basket, one for engin Lesser said the Gen 4/5 have the "2nd stage" in the basket meaning an after market...
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    Dodge Viper stereotypes and sayings

    When I drive my Viper I know exactly what it is like to be a beautiful woman with big t*ts. Staring, whistling, revving there engines and smiles, V's and thumbs up too. Still, I have a profound background in sleep street racing in the 70's and I prefer the anonymity. But now that I'm old...
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    Rear toe deflects by Half an Inch GenII

    The article link shows a nice tubular fabbed stiffener while the parts vendors show a completely different billet bracket - both parts for a Gen 2 GTS. The vendor parts will not bolt to where the tubular bracket bolts. Does anyone sell the tubular bracket?
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    2000 GTS tire options ?????

    Buddy of mine just started running them on his 8 second VW and raves about them - I like the idea of the extra traction (511 rwhp.) He did say on the sticker there is a warning about operating them under 50* F. This is even higher than Pirelli's ridiculous 45* F warranty limit which basically...
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    So which Viper is or will be the most collectable?

    Most Iconic: 96 GTS. Mint, no miles, of course (so what's the point if you can't drive it? - I suppose you could have 2: one for idolatrous worship and one to drive.)
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    2000 GTS tire options ?????

    Any comments on R888R's?
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    Help need in a poorly stored viper?

    I guess 2 very relevant questions: Spill - what is the price? How do you plan to use it and how many miles do you expect to put on it? But again, how are the coil-overs broken?
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    Help need in a poorly stored viper?

    It wasn't clear, is this car a GTS or vert? If a vert, I would say No IF you've never driven verts. You may discover you never put the top down and with some cars, the top down experience is, well, no experience at all. EXAMPLE 98 Z28 Camaro vert: with top down you cannot tell the top is...
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    O2 Cable Extensions: Yes or No?

    Ended up splicing a 36" extension the harness (yes, I cut the harness.) Solder is simply better than the best connector (at least that's what I'm telling myself.)
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    Mail ordering dealer O2 sensors for 96 GTS: any chance getting wrong connector type?

    Decided to get the OE manu aftermarket ones from RA for $27 as compared to $120 from Woodhouse. NOTE: Some Dodge dealerships will toss you big discount on a whim. At Lilith in Reno, NV I joked about the $28 oil filter and she wrote me up for $20 or $22 (don't remember.) Turns out I also...