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  1. ViperJohn

    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 10/06/18

    I second that. You just saved me a ton of time.
  2. ViperJohn

    How to know if a rescue attempt makes sense

    I think 20K is too high considering how much you will have to spend to get it corrected. There are also the unknowns. Appears to be worth saving though.
  3. ViperJohn

    93 Viper OEM Radio

    I would get one of the Service manuals on-line. You will find the wiring diagram there.
  4. ViperJohn

    Rare Viper Stuff

    Looks nice.
  5. ViperJohn

    Rattle from transmission area

    Have you tried putting it in neutral, letting the clutch out and revving it to see if the rattle/noise is there? Unless the cam has been changed, the 2000-2002 have no NGR as the early Gen 2's did.
  6. ViperJohn

    Gen II OEM Wheel Finishes

    I remember guys having the front wheels break under heavy braking with slicks. Just can't remember if it was the cast or forged wheels that were the problem.
  7. ViperJohn

    New Viper owner

    The B/W Viper and Red Corvette pair nicely together. Enjoy!
  8. ViperJohn

    Windshield Wipers Sword-fight

    You may have a bad wiper control module or one of motors is going bad causing them to get out of sync. I know the fronts on Gen 2 are both minivan rear wiper motors from the same model era.
  9. ViperJohn

    Trying to contact Ron Hickey

    Ron hasn't been around these parts in many years.
  10. ViperJohn

    93 RT10 ran out of gas, now wont start

    Have you verified if you have fuel pressure?
  11. ViperJohn

    Carbon buildup

    The factory tune is a little rich, hence the carbon build up. Is this the first time they have been changed? (Not sure if there was a previous owner).
  12. ViperJohn

    Looking for a Mamba Edition in Great Shape and with Low Mileage

    If memory serves me, the Mamba came in White, Silver and Black. Do you know which of those colors you are looking for?
  13. ViperJohn

    Spare Key for RT/10

    Glad to hear your issue was resolved.
  14. ViperJohn

    IN/KY Vipers SPECIAL VIPER SERVICE SESSION Oct 2 thru 7, 2017 at Indy Champion CJDR

    Re: IN/KY Vipers SPECIAL VIPER SERVICE SESSION Oct 2 thru 7, 2017 at Indy Champion We need to get you at to DC Metro Area....MD/VA. Hope the event goes well.
  15. ViperJohn

    The great blend door teardown (with pics)

    Nice write up. This should make someone's life a lot easier down the road.
  16. ViperJohn

    Spare Key for RT/10

    Try pulling the new back out slightly and see if it turns. Do this gently. Most places don't line the depth up correctly.
  17. ViperJohn

    Four low mile Gen 1 & Gen 2's being sold No Reserve at Mecum this weekend...

    Wow, some pretty low mileage examples. It will be interesting to see what they bring. Thanks for sharing.
  18. ViperJohn

    Power steering issues

    More than anything, I loved the fact that you repaired it yourself. We have become such a disposable society. Most would have just replaced the entire thing. Hope it holds up for another 110K.
  19. ViperJohn

    Power steering issues

    My guess as the pressures were in line between the pump and fan motor is that the relief valve is bad. If the pump was bad, it would more than likely not have tested out in range.
  20. ViperJohn

    2000 RT10 trunk carpet

    Never came on RT/10. There were aftermarket companies that made them. I can look around, I may have one, never kept in there.
  21. ViperJohn

    Put new wheels on the ACR

    I am sure he is at the local watering hole.
  22. ViperJohn

    What's the deal on this car?

    Typically and ad with wrong VIN and only one picture is a sign of a scam.
  23. ViperJohn

    Looking for a part number expert

    I would ask Chuck Tator.

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