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  1. LifeIsGood

    New Purchase Questions

    There aren't many pictures on that ebay ad. It's very hard to tell, but the pictures look like the paint finish needs some work. It looks to have the MGW AC control knobs, cigar lighter and ash tray cover...all upgrades. The gaps between the hood and front fascia look good. That's all I can...
  2. LifeIsGood

    How hard is it to get the side exhaust covers off

    Google this: removing side sills
  3. LifeIsGood

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    Lee just send out a bunch of letters...suspended Jim Johnson, accepted the apparent resignation of Randall Arnold and then suspended him, he moved Dan Everts to VP and then to President. Oh lucky us, somehow Lee gets to clean house on his way out. This will be my last year as a VCA Member. DONE!
  4. LifeIsGood

    Need new shifter boot. Will that solve all heat problem?

    I'm fairly certain that I've heard the metal ring around the GEN IV shifters get pretty dang hot. My GEN II lower radio bezel area gets hottest when there's a combination of spirited driving and a sunny day. I'm sure that a non-damaged lower shift boot will help, but it won't solve the issue.
  5. LifeIsGood

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    What is a supporting vendor vs a non-supporting vendor? Does a supporting vendor pay a fee? Are they required to spend some amount of time on the VCA site...supporting whatever? I think the answer is that they pay a fee. How much are we talking about? Does this site even need that money...
  6. LifeIsGood

    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    You guys just don't understand...Bob knows that these guys would have immediately come clean...none of our rabble-rousing helped at all. Definition of rabble-rousing...posting threads asking about the financials of the club, disagreeing with the leadership of the club, voicing our frustrations...
  7. LifeIsGood

    R and J Distributors? re: custom viper emblems

    Copy this into a GOOGLE search box: RandJ They have been slow about getting to emails and delivering products. Here is the email that I used a year or so ago... [email protected]
  8. LifeIsGood

    Looking for a car inspection service in the Colorado area

    I'm glad it worked out for you. Damn, a 2008 ACR...I'm jealous.
  9. LifeIsGood

    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    I'm sure other clubs will be doing the same...wouldn't be at all surprised if the Colorado/Utah/Wyoming/Idaho club made a decision to do the same.
  10. LifeIsGood

    Shredded Pulley

    I changed my PS pulley and bracket with the crossbar in place.
  11. LifeIsGood

    Looking for a car inspection service in the Colorado area

    The viper tech in Denver is Glynn Pribbenow (Prib, rhymes with 'crib'; en, like 'in'; now, like 'now') - Cell 303 910-1925. He's the number one tech in this area. He did my inspection and is used by many local VCA members for working on their vipers.
  12. LifeIsGood

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    My understanding is that Chrysler was going to sell it off for scrap metal. I don't really agree that any of the tooling will ever come to fruition. There are aftermarket vendors out there that are providing a lot of parts to older vipers. I've heard many times from multiple sources that the...
  13. LifeIsGood

    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    I will post the pictures. I'm sure I'll get flamed as I didn't choose carbon fiber for my interior pieces...something a little more wicked. They won't be done for a couple of'll have to wait to see them. ;)
  14. LifeIsGood

    To those that have lowered Vipers

    I replaced the OE spring caps with aftermarket ones (IPSCO). It lowered my RT/10 3/4". I also have 19"/20" wheels.
  15. LifeIsGood


    Here is what the door wiring bundle looks like. The wires sometimes break over time due to the stresses of opening/closing the doors. If this is the case, the detailer had zero to do with it...
  16. LifeIsGood

    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    I sent a number of my interior pieces out today to be hydrodipped. Thanks for the heads up...I still hate you though.
  17. LifeIsGood

    Want to show off my new toy, well a little over a week old.

    Damn...all the blue and white avatars in this thread...congratulations...she looks very nice.
  18. LifeIsGood

    Rumors...what's the dealio?'re killin' me. :D
  19. LifeIsGood

    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    Hey Bob...I just read this...any truth to it?
  20. LifeIsGood

    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    You're finally making some sense. You know these items that you mention have been going on for at least 2 years. A lot of the members and non-members have been fighting the good fight for a long damn time. We are finally making strides. That's why we're so excited and overboard in these few...
  21. LifeIsGood

    Center console hot to the touch!

    Mine gets hot after any spirited driving.
  22. LifeIsGood

    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    Okay, this thread is driving me crazy. I love what you're doing. Did I mention...I hate you! :D
  23. LifeIsGood

    Emergency brake not working???!

    This might help...Need some emergency emergency brake help
  24. LifeIsGood

    RT10 hardtop market

    I got my Autoform Carbon Fiber Lip spoiler installed this week...
  25. LifeIsGood

    gts chewed up its belt

    This pulley uses a self-locking pullers needed to install/remove this one...IPSCO...

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