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    Throttle 'hang"

    I've got a 14 and never had a problem. I bet an HPtune would fix it ++ more hp.
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    fender/mud guard for gen 5 ??

    Clear bra the rockers, for starters. also.. bumper, hood, mirrors, door handles & behind rear tires.. Clear-Pro Elite is awesome!
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    2010 ACRX Chassis #42, as low as $75k

    pic's, mileage, documentation..
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    Winding Road Article - Driven: 2014 SRT Viper TA - Great Review

    ^^^^Hellcat's numbers to trump the Viper.. Not a chance! Less hp more weight..
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    headers with stock mufflers vs headers with corsa

    I've had my 14 SRT for 3 months & looking to do the same(headers/hi flows & stock mufflers). I'm leaning towards Belanger as I like the lower tq gains as well. also still looking for a clear bra that can cover the hood in one piece?
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    Gen V Seat Wear?

    455 miles, srt with leather seat option. been in/out 25 times looks perfect. in 45 miles it will be time to go through the gears at 6k+ rpm. hopefully i won't stain the seat(thinking about putting a towel down)..
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    Thinking 373!!!!

    1KoolAsp 14TA, haha.. I've been thinking the same! I have a Silver 14 SRT & the first gear seems to be a pain in the ***(Way to tall)... 3.73 might be the answer. I would to like see some ET times from 0 to 60 & 1/4M pulls?. Also, waiting to see from Woodhouse some dyno pulls on the exhaust...
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    Dealer Cash Time On The Gen 5

    thanks for the info Bobpantax.. do you know the count on the 14's?
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    So tell me about the seat screws that can be taken out to allow more headroom?

    i'm 6'-1" 210lbs I fit very comfy in my 2014 srt. what I did was move the seat forward 2 notches from full extension and then recline the seat back to the max. plenty of room. hope this helps!
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    OUTSTANDING! My Silver SRT is heading down the line.. As soon as I get a completion/delivery from SRT or my dealer. I'm calling!
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    Does anybody have the part # for the Gen V, GTS door sill? I want the longer one's for my SRT, not the Gen IV one's. thanks
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    Pass on your support for the Gen V and its team to Ralph Gilles

    Congrats Bruce! Looks like yours will be finished. Hopefully my silver SRT will be completed before 4/11. fingers/toes crossed.
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    Hey Jetstar, Nice !! Can you tell me if your carbon fiber sills are the extended length of the G5 or do you make them to fit the body lines, as in the Gen 3/4. thanks
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    anybody have a pic of the carbon fiber one's installed?;)
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    Gen 5 carbon sill plates?

    anybody have pic's of these on there cars?
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    AMAZING PRICES on new Gen V

    Yes, that is where I ordered my Silver SRT.. Great dealership with well under Invoice pricing. Outstanding Deals!
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    VIDEO: SRT VIPER vs. C6 Z06 Roll Race...

    agreed twister, but it's still a vett.
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    Observations while Twin Turbocharging a 2014 SRT GTS

    Nine Ball, Was your 10 second pass done with stock exhaust? Any dyno #'s on your motor? thanks!
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    Corsa Comparison

    Mark, Has anyone done just the Belangers with hi/flows. Would really like to find a clip. thanks!
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    Corsa Comparison

    I'd rather an Belanger headers/hi flows, stock mufflers.. go for more hp! awesome sound!!

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