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    Power steering issue on my '96 GTS

    If your familiar with Camaros and Mustangs you can complete this yourself. There's nothing special going on here. Yes replace the belt. The pulley can be a pain to remove even with the proper tools i managed to destroy the oem plastic junk. i replaced the complete system while i was in there. I...
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    Getting upgrades 2000 RT/10

    Ipsco power steering pulley and bracket. Polyurethane motor and transmission mounts. Replace all suspension bushings with polyurethane. Coil over adjustable shocks. Shift eliminator kit. Short throw shifter. Paint correction.
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    Hesitation at wide open throttle

    I would start with monitoring fuel pressure at wide open throttle. How long has the car set before you purchased it? If you ran the tank low you may have picked up trash in the fuel lines. I would have the injectors tested/cleaned.
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    Anyone know of a good shop to take my 96 Viper to in Bellevue, WA?

    The Viper is very easy to work on. When I was looking for my GTS 11 years ago a senior member here told me if your going to own a Viper you should be able to work on it. GREAT ADVISE! I just did coil over shocks, polyurethane sway bar bushings, power steering pulley and bracket, high pressure...
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    What do you guys think?

    Looks great!! Needs window tint.
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    Garage sale w/ Pictures now!

    I'm n for the spanner wrench.
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    Garage sale w/ Pictures now!

    I'll take both license plate frames to zip 23236 Richmond Va
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    Raffle car delivered

    LUCKY ***!
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    Found a leak?

    Have you washed the car recently, I had a drip 2 weeks after a wash.
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    CLOSEOUT - The last of the Vipair ducts, 10 avail ONLY!

    Steve, I ordered the Vipair on April 28, 2013 you told me it would ship out the following Monday. I was hesitant in ordering from you because of all the negative post I've read about you and the way you do business, but I took a chance and did anyway, you want return my messages I even asked...
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    Va legal tint limits here ****. You will not be able to tell you have tint , go darker.
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    WTB: Looking for some lowering caps

    KDR83 pm sent your way.
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    Anyone with Car Lift info?

    Sorry, pics didnt work.
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    Anyone with Car Lift info?

    +1 Really nice equipment as said above, and great customer service. i traveled to pick mine up to save on shipping
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    Painted my stock calipers...BIG improvement!

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    GTS subwoofer options

    I got me a FROGBOX, I think you guys have seen this. The one an only! Here***Viper-GTS-Bass-Solution-quot-Frog-Box-quot-teaser-pics***?highlight=subwoofer+box
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    considering headers for 02 gts

    +1 Check this. Very high quality and easy to install. I'm very happy with them. I highly recommend them.
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    what header bolts to use

    I've always had great luck with these: Mopar Locking Header Bolt Kits | Locking Bolts

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