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  1. 99 R/T 10

    What's this car worth??? rare 97 RT10 (1 of 117)

    I dis-agree. I think you can get $40K for it.
  2. 99 R/T 10

    Forum Changes

    Let's see if I am still being moderated................................................ Yep. No change, not a believer
  3. 99 R/T 10

    Would a car with a Belanger exhaust set up pass California emissions?

    Another reason to leave that messed up state.
  4. 99 R/T 10

    Aftermarket GTS hood

    Just placed it in the classifiedsAsking $3500 already painted:
  5. 99 R/T 10

    My Observations about VCA - This is NOT Good

    His demands to be taken seriously SHOULD be taken seriously because those questions are VALID! Or don't you get that?!
  6. 99 R/T 10

    What are the VCA plans for events etc. for 2014?

    The united states zone which is HUGE.............................................. :lol:
  7. 99 R/T 10

    Tough to replace a gen II viper...

    I have 25K miles on my 99. Roe S/C, making 625/700 on 8lbs of boost.
  8. 99 R/T 10

    Help! Help! Security sys. won't turn off

    Hold the open and closed buttons on the remote at the same time while standing next to the car. When it beeps or flashes, then hit the open button.
  9. 99 R/T 10

    Anyone have wheels/tires available for 2005?

    See post #21 for a great deal on rims!
  10. 99 R/T 10

    Will Brembo 6 piston 14 rotor fit with stock 18 inch wheels?

    Not with the stock wheel. Might get away with using an SRT wheel combo.
  11. 99 R/T 10

    GTS Hood Assembly

    Very well could be the fan relay. Check the junction box by the fuse box.
  12. 99 R/T 10

    GTS Hood Assembly

    Do you mean hood hinge assembly? If so, I have one
  13. 99 R/T 10

    Side by Side Photos - Gen 5 & C7

    X2. Vette looks great.
  14. 99 R/T 10

    Service Departrment issues

    Sarcasim, learn to recognize......
  15. 99 R/T 10

    SPEC 3+ slipping

    Great to hear, I just installed a 3+ on a TT car. I sure hope it holds.............:D Also selling a 3+. Check the classifieds.
  16. 99 R/T 10

    South East Zone Rendezvous, Nov. 15-17th

    Hi Cathy, I finally got un-banned. :rolleyes: And to Viperjohn, to me, banned/modded is the same thing. Don't jump on Moparboyy, he was saying EXACTLY what I felt. Thanks again Moparboyy. Neddless to say, this whole situation has been a huge, nasty negative feeling towards the VCA. I just...
  17. 99 R/T 10

    I remember when I posted an add for a Viper for sale in the classifieds.....

    What the **** is that suppose to mean. Truth hurts, eh? Hey, got un-banned. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea.......................................:rolleyes:
  18. 99 R/T 10

    Let's be real, what would it take? Only short answers please

    SRT should develop a new stand-alone like a Pectal or AEM Infinity that can be used on the 2013 and later cars AND retrofitted to the 2008-2010. How hard can that be?
  19. 99 R/T 10

    South East Zone Rendezvous, Nov. 15-17th

    Am I able to post? Nope, still moderated.
  20. 99 R/T 10

    South East Zone Rendezvous, Nov. 15-17th

    He wasnt lying. He is saying exactly what I said. Essentally I am banned.
  21. 99 R/T 10

    South East Zone Rendezvous, Nov. 15-17th

    Correct, moderated into ****. When none of my posts are approved, then it is essentially banned. h and this post required approval.................. :mad:
  22. 99 R/T 10

    Shipping a 1996 GTS Open Carrier - Do's and Don'ts?

    Agreed, got the car, drop the dough to take care of it.
  23. 99 R/T 10

    Its worth saving, help john help you

    Yeah, no. It's not absurd or Inappropriate. Because of how lee handled himself, it hits pretty close to the mark.
  24. 99 R/T 10

    Its worth saving, help john help you

    You lack credibility Bob. You are a puppet, Pro-bono or otherwise. Heard-Hearsay. Stop posting while you're behind.

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