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  1. Batboy

    Happy May the 4th... Be With You

    Many of you have probably seen this but it's worth revisiting.
  2. Batboy

    WANTED: Best Place to Buy Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

    Need a new TPS for my '99 GTS. Should I just get one from rockauto or go for the genuine thing? If genuine who would you buy through? I did a quick search to no avail. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  3. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat Aug 8th 11am-2ish

    Hey everyone. Time for another US Marine Corps Museum Cruise and lunch. Details are below. I-95 now has the express toll lanes. The lanes should be southbound until 2 pm. They reopen north bound at 4 pm. I strongly recommend using them if you’re coming from the north. This is a toll road...
  4. Batboy

    How's this for an Event? They are located near Dulles airport. I'll set it up if there is enough interest. This would be a good event in the fall or winter. No cars needed. They are provided! Slightly less horsepower. :laf: Matt
  5. Batboy

    Another 2016 ACR Review (Video)

    I found this one on Yahoo. Decent review. I love it when they take them to VIR. So cool to watch them review a car on a track you've been on. Enjoy. Matt
  6. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat. Aug. 2, 11 am - 3 pm

    I will be hosting the 3rd Annual US Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch this weekend Saturday August 2nd from 11 am until about 3 pm. A schedule is below. Also below is the cruise route and address of departure and lunch locations. This is a truly a great cruise. It's not too long as...
  7. Batboy

    Marine Corps Museum Cruise and Lunch, Sat. Aug 10th, 11am

    All, I will again be hosting the Marine Corps Museum cruise and lunch. The event will be on Saturday Aug. 10th at 11 am. We will depart for the cruise at noon. The cruise will be about 20 miles and 30 minutes. We should arrive at Charbroil Grill around 12:30pm,eat lunch and leave around...
  8. Batboy

    Any interest in invading the Washington Nationals?

    I can work the details but floating the idea first. I can get roped off parking in the lot west of the stadium ($35). I can get group tickets and work the deal through the Nats office (might even get on the jumbo tron). Depending on where we sit (probably left field about $25 per ticket)...
  9. Batboy

    Helmet Rentals in Chantilly VA

    FYI, I went in to get me a my son new automotive racing helmets. Wasn't happy about spending $300 for my son to ride with me at VOI, but wasn't willing to risk him not having one. I mentioned this to the guys at OG racing and they said they rented helmets. They even offered to rent me one...
  10. Batboy

    Still unclear about parking

    I am NOT staying at the Embassy Suites. I will be staying at one of the other hotels nearby. I don't mind parking my Viper at the hotel or ES, but is there a particular protocol to follow? It sounds like everyone is parking at ES and you take a shuttle to your hotel or walk. Correct or do I...
  11. Batboy

    Cruise and Lunch, Saturday Aug. 4th at 1 pm, Northern VA

    There will be a cruise and lunch this Saturday Aug. 4th in Northern Virginia. The cruise will begin at 1 pm leaving the Marine Corps Museum in Triangle VA. Please arrive before 1 pm. I will be there by 12:30pm. The cruise will be approximately 24 miles with only a few stop lights and about...
  12. Batboy

    Pics of 2013 Viper at NY Auto Show

    Some shots of the new Viper sitting at the show. Enjoy.
  13. Batboy

    Pics from Viper Gala

    Didn't see a thread for this yet. You can see the unveiling at the gala and the press release earlier on, but I thought this would be a good place for those attending to post their pictures. Enjoy.
  14. Batboy

    I have an Extra ticket to Viper Reveal in NYC

    Available first pay first serve. I purchased three tickets, one for me, a friend and my son. Was told my son cannot go because he is too young (must be 18). So, I have one extra ticket. I could ask for a refund, but thought if someone wants a ticket I'll sell them mine. PM me if interested...
  15. Batboy

    Another VOI 12 Thread

    Since the other regions have their threads going I thought I would start one for us. Yes, I WILL BE GOING! If anyone has ideas for a caravan down, hotel groups, group events or anything else. Please post. I will detail my plans (if you care) as soon as more details come out (list of events...
  16. Batboy

    Ferdericksburg Viper Lunch Almost Every Saturday

    No need to respond, just a friendly reminder that several of us Vipers (and others) get together almost every Saturday for lunch. Venue changes but we try to stay in the Fredericksburg area. Anyone ever in the neighborhood give us a shout or PM. Next Saturday we will be at the crabfeast, but...
  17. Batboy

    VIR March 2011, (PICS)

    My first time at VIR. Went there with the Porsche Club of America (PCA). Didn't realize how technical VIR was. I've driven several times at Summit Point and it was easy compared to VIR, IMO. Still, had an awesome time! :drive:
  18. Batboy

    Car Show, Fredericksburg VA, May 21st 11AM

    I'm helping out with a charity car show for a young lady that was in an accident and paralyzed. I'm trying to round up enough Vipers for a potential horsepower challenge with a local corvette club. Details are below. PM me if you need more info.
  19. Batboy

    American Indoor Karting - Richmond VA, Saturday April 16th @ 1 pm

    Due to low response I wanted to send this out to everyone. Weather isn't looking good this weekend in VA, but this is a rain or shine event. Anyone wanting to get out of the house on a rainy day with your other car, come on out. Please RSVP if you can. If you forget or can't don't worry...
  20. Batboy

    American Indoor Karting - Richmond VA, Saturday April 16th @ 1 pm

    Please RSVP if you can. If you forget or can't don't worry, come out anyway. This is the better (bigger) track of all the ones they own (Richmond, Fredericksburg, VA Beach). Info below. Hopefully those hyperlinks work. PM me if you need more info or my contact info. See you there...
  21. Batboy

    Need Tech Inspector for Track Day

    I'm having difficulty finding an inspector for a track day. I am planning to go to VIR with the Zone 2 Porsche Club in two weeks. They require a pre-inspection by a certified tech. All certified techs I've contacted have the two post lifts which will not fit under my car. Is there anyone you...
  22. Batboy

    Will SRT/10 Truck Calipers work on my Gen II?

    Found a set of Viper SRT/10 Truck calipers at the junk yard. Considering buying but not sure if they will fit on my car. I'm upgrading to Gen IV wheels and want to do the big brake kit conversion but will those mammoth calipers fit? I think the truck has larger wheels, so I'm not confident.
  23. Batboy

    Mopar Shows for 2010 in VA/MD

    Here are a bunch of shows I got from a Mopar club here in Freddyburg. Feel free to add them to the calendar. Not sure I will be going to these or not, but wanted to give others the opportunity. Cheers. May 8 Mopar show and shop tour at Sterling Hot Rod in Sterling, VA May 15...
  24. Batboy

    Good place to mount tires in Fredericksburg VA area.

    Anyone know of and dealt with a good place to mount tires on our wheels? I want to make sure the place can handle wheels our size. I'm in the Fredericksburg area, but am willing to drive a little ways if necessary. Thanks for recommendations. Matt
  25. Batboy

    Go Karts, Saturday April 10th in Fredericksburg VA

    This is a double post from the VA/MD forum. I have reserved the indoor go kart track in Fredericksburg VA for the VCA on Saturday April 10th at 1 pm. The reservation is for 6 to 20 people. I need at least 6 people to show to get the discount rate. The cost is two races at $18 each with a third...