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    Wanting a 09 or 10 silver vert with black stripes

    Ready to buy my next toy. Looking for the above "subject line". Not sure if they made a silver vert in 09 though. Prefer a 10 anyways, love the BIG stripes.
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    GenIV vs GenV HP

    Is a Gen IV with a good set of headers +catback as powerful as a GenV? Would seem very close.
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    Gen V Convertible?

    I was hoping(wishing) for this summer.. Anybody have any news coming down the pipeline? I really want one!:cool:
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    Gen iv 08, 09 & 10

    I'm in the market for a Gen IV Roadster. Can someone list the differences between the 3 year period. I've read somewhere 08 had hollow half shafts, Is this an exspensive swap to solid shafts?
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    Looking for Gen4 Convertible either Silver or Graphite with stripes?

    Would really like a 2010 with the wide stripes(black,silver or white stripes). Can someone tell me how many were made?
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    Gen 4 mileage question

    I'm curently looking at a very low mile(190 miles) 2010. Is it possible on the Gen 4's to set the mileage back or will the computer catch this? Does this run through the computer or is it old school.. I just do not want to get burned from a dealer i will probably never see again.. Any input...
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    WANTED 08 Roadster

    I'm looking for my dream car. An 08 Venom Red Roadster with Black Stripes & hopefully the Razor wheels. thanks!

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