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    Need help: Gauge cluster readings

    Hi, I'm looking for a picture of the vertical gauge cluster (oil pressure, oil temp, engine coolent temp) when the car is completely cold and the ignition in the 'ON' position. Would really appreciate if someone could take a picture of their gauge cluster when the car is sitting cold overnight...
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    Android Double DIN Stereo Upgrade - Installation Instructions

    I have a thread on this on another Viper Forum. I thought it might be helpful for the members on this forum as well….in case there’s interest. I recently ended up finishing the installation of an Android based double DIN Stereo in my Viper. Below is some information to help other members who...
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    SOS: Battery Dead; Replaced; Still won't start

    Hi guys, Need you help quick. It is a 2005 Paxton. Yesterday, drove to work in the morning and parked as usual. It is my daily drive. When came back to go to lunch, it wouldn't start. All the lights were working. Tried to jump start it with my friend's Vette, it still wouldn't start. Called...
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    A&C Performance tuned my Viper with 712 rwhp

    A&C Performance tuned my Viper with 712 rwhp (Dyno pics) Just wanted to share my experience at A&C Performance in Murrieta, CA. I had my Paxton installed by a local guy who lives close to where I live, but he is not a tuner. After getting the Paxton installed, I drove it for a couple of...
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    Length of stock mufflers????

    Does anyone know the exact length of the stock mufflers? If you happen to have one lying around, can you please measure it (just the muffler)? Thanks
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    Chambered Exhaust

    Any opinions on the Chambered exhaust? Classic Chambered Exhaust Inc. - Home Page I like the sound of the Classic Chambered Exhaust. One of the forum members has it on his Gen3. I like the deep rumble exhaust notes that this one provides. Here is the link where you can hear it. It's the...
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    I am Paxton'ized....My Solution to 3 Gauges

    Got the Paxton installed....and wanted to monitor A/F Ratio, Fuel Pressure and Boost all at the same time.....Didn't want the A-Pillar or the Steering mount solution.....So this is what I thought of would serve the purpose.....and it does perfectly.....for me at least.....I also like how the...
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    Rear Fascia Accent Panel...Has anyone done it?

    Looking to install the Rear Fascia Accent Panel from Mopar.....Here is a pic. Has anyone done that? I couldn't figure out how would it be installed? Drill holes? Stick with Adhesives? Snap on? Any ideas?
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    Insulating door sills/removing crossovers to reduce heat

    I searched through all the old posts and it seems like most folks also replaced the exhaust system in order to get louder sound/performance as well as to reduce the cabin heat. I have two questions: 1) Has anyone installed Roe Racing Side Sill Insulation Kit to reduce heat without changing...
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    Insurance for 2005 Mamba

    How much should I expect to pay in San Diego for a 2005 Mamba? Clean record, no tickets no accidents. What are you guys paying? AAA quoted me $1319 which seems like a good deal. Any recommendations?
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    MGW Interior Trim: Pearl Bright Satin OR Polished Chrome ?

    I am looking to order the gauge bezels and the cup holder bezel from MGW for the SRT/10. I am inclining more towards the Pearl Bright Satin since it seems like it will match the stock trim more so as compared to the Polished chrome. Is that right? For those of you who have them, which one of...
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    Emissions Requirements for CA

    Does anyone know what emissions code is required for registering the Viper in California? The one that I've bought says: 50 State Emissions, BIN9 Emissions A friend of mine who had bought his Z06 from Tennessee had a hard time with DMV that required the vehicle to explicitly state "CA State...
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    Transportating Viper from PA to CA???

    Does anyone have any recommendations/prior experience with any transportation companies? I need to get my Viper shipped from Bath, PA to San Diego, CA. Any advice if I should go with the open trailer or a closed container? Cost of shipping??? Thanks
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    Just Bought a 2005 Mamba...Need someone to check it out in Bath, PA

    I just purchased a used 2005 Mamba edition with 163 miles on it from a dealer in Bath, Pennsylvania. Supposedly, the previous owner's wife didn't like it as a daily driver and instead bought a Vette and sold this car back to the dealer it was originially bought from. I have checked the Vehicle...
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    Viper keeps me coming back...your help needed!!!

    While I am on a waiting list for a C6 Z06, I keep coming back to the idea of buying a Viper. The three things that keep me moving away from the Viper though are drivability, heat and the brisk steering response. 1. Daily Drivability I want to enjoy the car that I buy on a daily basis not only...

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