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  1. CO GTS

    How to remove cats

    I am getting ready to remove the cats and resonators on my '01 GTS and replace them with a 3" straight pipe. I have a RandomTek X pipe and just picked up the rest of the parts to take me up to the resonator; including the O2 sims and a couple of 2.5" to 3" adapters. Before I remove my side...
  2. CO GTS

    Are Gen 1 and Gen 2 center consoles the same?

    Is there any diffrence between a 1st and 2nd generation center console. I am talking about the one between the seats where the shift ****, brake and ashtray are located. TIA
  3. CO GTS

    30,000 C6 Vetts recalled

    Seems 05 and 06 C6's targa roofs like to take flight while going down the road. Geeze, that's more cars than all the Vipers ever made; and that's less than 2 years worth of production for Chevy.....ooops :bonker:
  4. CO GTS

    What sports cars have you owned?

    I thought it might be intresting to see what sports cars we have all owned leading up to our Viper. Starting with my 1st car: 72 Fiat 850 Spyder 76 Fiat X1/9 72 Datsun 240Z 79 BMW 320i 82 Nissan 300ZX 76 Datsun 280Z (Chevy 350) 94 Chevy Z28 98 Chevy C6 Corvette 01 BMW M Roadster 01 Viper GTS...
  5. CO GTS

    Yikes, check out the graphics on this eBay gen 3 "Vader Viper"

    Yikes, check out the graphics on this eBay gen 3 \"Vader Viper\" I thought it was better than the dolphin graphics till I saw the side shots! Geeze...
  6. CO GTS

    Need Pix of GTS Fuel Cap Seal

    My rubber seal around the fuel cap needed to be replaced. The new seal could be mounted/glued in tight or loose. I cannot remember how it should look. If someone could send me a close-up picture of a stock seal that would really help tons! My email adress is: [email protected] THANKS!
  7. CO GTS

    "Snake skin" and front badges

    \"Snake skin\" and front badges Why do some "sneaky pete" front badges have a visible "snake skin" and others do not? My ’01 yellow GTS has the skin but another '01 I saw recently does not. Has anyone else noticed this difference between cars, perhaps in other colors?

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