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    Fall Tour

    Thanks to all who came out , looks like it will be back next year by popular demand . :) Cheers Jay
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    WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE this Saturday !!!

    I'll be at Woodward Ave and 13 mile Rd on Saturday ,between 8:00 and 9:30 am . Just wondering who's going ? :D Cheers Jay
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    ALMS at Mosport , July 21

    Just wondering who's going to see the New Gen 5 Race car this weekend at mosport ! :)
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    Fleetwood Country Car Show London Ontario

    So who is going this Friday ? :D
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    Mopar Spring Fling Car Show ,Chrysler Canada Zone Office

    Big Thanks to All The Viper Club of Ontario members ,who came out and showed their support at this event ! :D The Viper Brotherhood is Alive and well !:2tu: And given the 300 plus cars , Garrett's Wax job , was second to None in the Show ! If we had a trophy for that , he would...
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    Interesting Article in the Star

    Interesting Article in the Star on Marchionne :2tu: :)
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    Canadian Motor Speedway

    So who is looking forward to running this track with there Viper ! :D :2tu::2tu::2tu:
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    WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE !!! August 16 to 18th

    This is The Mother Of All Car Shows ! MCVO have a get together on Thursday at 6 pm at the Coffee Beanery :2tu: Here is there link Anyone going ? :)
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    Just wondering if the Tech Day on the 29th of October is open to VCA members , its a 3 1/2 hour drive from here in Canada , but well worth it ,for the comraderie and talking to SRT Engineers . If someone could shed some light ,it would be greatly appreciated . :can1: :) Thanx...

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